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Digital Nostalgia⤴

from @ wwwd – John's World Wide Wall Display

I just opened my old 2001 iBook, running 10.3.9 (2005) with 320 MB of RAM. The  Finder was surprisingly snappy. It slowed down a bit once I had an application or two running.

In the dock (on the right had side, vertical) Graphic Converter, Safari, SuperCard, AppleWorks, Claris Emailer, Flash MX, Tex-edit-plus, terminal, NetNewsWire, IE, QuickTime, System Prefs and Classic. There are a few other fond memories in the Application Folder.

I couldn’t get it on the Wifi but it connected via Ethernet.

I was hoping to find out what podcasts I was listening to back then, but no luck, nothing in iTunes at all,  I think I cleared out it out at some point to pass on to my wife or daughter.

(My first mac was a performa 475 bought in 1996 just as the power pc macs appeared.)

Microcast 5: Choices⤴

from @ John's World Wide Wall Display


Some thoughts about making choices about the software and systems you use, they may have hidden positives or negatives.

Featured image, iPhone screenshot, edited in snapseed

    The Levelator Lives⤴

    from @ John's World Wide Wall Display

    A while back I bookmarked How to Revive The Levelator in El Capitan on TidBITS and followed the instructions to get this essential piece of podcasting software to work again after updating my mac to El Capitan.

    This week TidBITS had the news: The Levelator 2.1.2 Works in El Capitan announcing a new version.

    The Levelator is

    a free app that ensures audio files use a consistent loudness, something that’s often hard to achieve with group podcasts and between episodes.

    I find it very useful for Radio Edutalk episodes where we record over Skype.

    How to : Looping Video on iPod⤴

    from @ digital learning foundation

    Ever wanted wanted to use your iPod to replace a computer as a constant replay device, or just to have it play a looping video? If so, you will have found that none of the existing video apps will play a looping video. But, if you have been to an Apple store you will have seen iPods playing a looping video. So how do you do that....

    Warning, before you do this, back up your iPod as you will be changing settings that will change your syncing settings. This has been tried and works on an iPod Classic.

    1) In iTunes Summary window for your iPod, tick enable disk use on your iPod.

    2) From finder create a folder on your iPod called "Demo Mode"

    3) in iTunes name a video "Demo" and sync it to your movies section.

    4) Unmount your iPod in iTunes, but keep it plugged in so its is powered... and wait for two minutes.... if all goes according to plan you should then have a looping video.

    This mode will only work when your iPod has external power either through the dock connector or a powered dock, and kicks in after two minutes of inactivity.

    To disable this mode, remove that "Demo Mode" folder you created at 2 above...

    You can find more detailed instructions here : iPod Screen Saver