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Bringing Children’s Rights into the Classroom [Scotland only]⤴

from @ Pedagoo.org

Are you looking for a way to incorporate Getting it Right for Every Child into your Classroom? Let’s face it, it can be a puzzle incorporating the rights and principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into your classroom practice. Child Rights Launchpad by Unicef UK aims to help you do […]

ICT and Languages Conference 2016 #ililc6⤴

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  It was not without a little trepidation that I headed to Dorking from Glasgow for my first #ililc event hosted by @joedale and @helenmyers at Ashcombe School Language College, sponsored by Sanako making it a free event for the first time, hence why I made the effort. Would my two tablets and smartphone connect, download […]

‘Animal Me’ – SDS’s new digital offer for young learners⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

Skills Development Scotland’s (SDS) work on a suite of digSDS-AnimalNoBG-02-Teddyital resources to support career learning in P5-P7 classrooms is moving at pace. SDS Digital Services Programme Manager Derek Hawthorne says all schools will have access to the resources by August 2016:

“We’ve been in classrooms across Scotland carrying out testing throughout the development of our new digital resources.

Aimed at primary 5 to 7 pupils, teachers will be able to access a range of support materials to aid delivery in the classroom as well as digital tools for pupils to use.

The resources are part of our wider work in support of the Career Education Standard and the expansion of our careers advice services in secondary schools, supporting the outcomes of Developing the Young Workforce and aligned to Curriculum for Excellence.

The tools and resources are part of My World of Work, our award winning careers information and advice web service.

My World of Work is packed with advice, tools, resources and information and is already widely used in secondary schools, colleges and beyond. It also supports the work of SDS Careers Advisers across Scotland.

My World of Work has a specific partner area which includes resources developed with teachers for education professionals to use with their pupils to develop their career management skills (CMS).Homepage 1

Getting started

Teacher registration is through My World of Work as normal.

Ticking the box as a primary school teacher at the point of registration and adding your school takes you to your own account page.

Here you’ll be able to access the full suite of resources and register your pupils as well as track progress and access reports.

Registering pupils is then an easy process, just add names and Scottish candidate numbers.

One teacher can register multiple classes, and ownership can be transferred so when a class moves up a year their new teacher has access to their accounts.   It works too if a pupil moves school.

Once pupils are added, they then log on with their name and a quick four digit code.

The next step is straight on to using the tools to build up their personal profile and develop their career management skills.


The tools

There will be three fun, interactive and easy-to-use tools for pupils.

My interests:

  • a tool that looks at what a pupil likes to do, their interests in and outside of school.
  • a series of simple statements like ‘I like to spend time reading books’ or ‘making cakes’ or ‘playing video games’ which pupils click on
  • results match up with different job types, with the opportunity for pupils to click through and find out more.

Animal me is:

  • a personality quiz where pupils can find out what animal matches their personality, results include koala bear, eagle, clownfish or tawny owl.
  • A memorable way for pupils to find out information about their character traits and the kinds of jobs that could suit their personality type.
  • based around the Myers-Briggs personality principles and can also indicate how a young person learns or handles stress.

The third tool, Skills builder, is the most in-depth, it:

  • links directly to the I Can statements in the Career Education Standard, and will provide a way to evidence and report on skills development, attainment and profiling.
  • allows teachers to set pupils, groups or classes an I Can statement to work to.
  • is designed to be used on a day-to-day basis pupils can enter activities they’ve undertaken inside and outside of school, measuring themselves on a star rating against the top skills they think they’ve used for that activity.
  • has progress bars appear on pupil account page
  • grows with the pupil, building a personalised skills profile

Moving on up

We hope these tools will mean a far richer and more personalised career management skills experience for pupils, as well as a thoroughly useful resource for teachers.

As the resources are part of My World of Work, there is huge opportunity for pupils as they move on from primary school and begin to work with SDS careers advisers at the primary 7/S1 transition phase. The tools also line up with existing versions on My World of Work which they’ll be using through secondary school and beyond.Teachers and pupils have been involved in design and testing every step of the way, and will continue to help us out right up to August and beyond.  This month we’re hoping to open up an early version of the resources so we can get as much feedback as possible on its development ahead of the new school year.

Keep up to date on that and all the latest developments by following us on Twitter @skillsdevscot and @mywowscotland and Facebook at facebook.com/myworldofwork and of course here on Education Scotland’s website.

Share your presentations and documents online with Docs.com⤴

from @ ICT for Teaching & Learning in Falkirk Primary Schools

DocscomDocs.com from Microsoft provides a free way to share your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway and PDF documents.

These shared documents can be viewed by others just by sharing a link (whether in social media, print form or by text or email message). You can embed any shared document on a website or blog. You can choose to keep documents private to you so that you can access them only when signed in to Docs.com, or make them public for anyone to view.

You can upload your files from your computer, tablet or mobile device, or from Sway, Office Mix or OneNote online accounts, or your OneDrive cloud storage.

Documents can be grouped into collections by you – so a teacher in a classroom might group resources according to curricular area/subject, or stage or for a specific group, or for an event. So when you share the link to that collection all of the related files, resources and presentations will be displayed together.

You can create a new account or sign in with a Facebook, a Microsoft account or Office 365 – and importantly for schools works with Glow accounts, meaning that for Glow users it’s just one username and password to access and make use of this tool, as well as all of the other resources and tools within Glow.

Your Docs.com account provides you with analytics to give an overview of which documents have been viewed and how frequently. And you can also add journal entries to describe documents you have shared.

getstarteddocscomGet started with Docs.com in 3 steps – a short Powerpoint presentation, shared with Docs.com which can be viewed online, to show just how easy it is to get started with sharing a document online using Docs.com

Sharing OneNote notebooks is a particularly useful feature of Docs.com. The following video by Darrell Webster shows how useful this feature is for teachers to share with others, and how to use Docs.com to share any OneNote notebook

Personalised Learning for Teachers about Digital Technologies for Learning⤴

from @ ICT for Teaching & Learning in Falkirk Primary Schools

MicrosoftTeacherTrainingBadgesMicrosoft in Education is a site which provides free on-demand personalised learning for teachers in exploring the use of digital technologies to support learning and teaching – learning at a pace which suits each teacher on the topics they find most useful to them, at the time they need it.

The online hub provides a Training and Professional Development section which is divided into Quick Tip Videos,  Courses (which can be filtered by age range of learners, tools, skills to be developed, etc), and Learning Paths which provide a more in-depth look at use of digital technologies compbing different methods of delivering the information and sharing of skills as well as exemplars.

There is a wide range of free instant-access online courses. Some of these are short tool-specific how-to guides to learning the basics of getting started using specific digital technologies such as Sway, Skype, OneNote, Powerpoint, Minecraft, Office Mix or many other tools. Some are just short quick-tip videos highlighting a specific feature of a particular piece of software.

Some courses are longer and look at how digital technologies can best be used to support learning and teaching in different contexts. These combine text guides, video explanations and examples, as well as quizzes to help understanding.

MicrosoftEducatorCommunityAnd by signing up to the free Microsoft in Education Community a teacher can access a wider range of resources shared by other teachers around the globe, and when working through the range of courses on offer a teacher can gain visual recognition through digital badges of their accomplishments. Working through the online resources, with badges to record progress, can provide an extra degree of motivation when there is a tangible record of what skills have been acquired, and perhaps a spur to just complete another one (and another, and another!!).

So whether starting out, or just looking for an illustration of a particular application in a classroom setting, reading about how others are using digital technologies to support learning, an online space to discuss with colleagues worldwide what’s worked (or look for advice when you might be looking for a solution to something which has not worked in your situation), or wanting to further explore how to integrate digital technology to best support learners in your school, there is something here for every teacher.

Sign up for free now at the Microsoft Educator Community at the link below:



Language World 2016, 12th March 2016: Lost in Translation?⤴

from @ My Languages

Language World is the annual language conference organised by ALL, the Association for Language Learning. As always this was a great opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues and the atmosphere was as supportive and friendly as ever... If you are not yet an ALL member, join now!

Language World 2016, 12th March 2016: Lost in Translation?⤴

from @ My Languages

Language World is the annual language conference organised by ALL, the Association for Language Learning. As always this was a great opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues and the atmosphere was as supportive and friendly as ever... If you are not yet an ALL member, join now!

Artwork for school blogs⤴

from @ Bodies in the Library

S2 Art and Design have been asked to create a series of banners for the Our Lady’s Latest blog using parts of famous artworks. Only part of the painting or sculpture will be visible in the header because of its shape so … Continue reading

Using iMovie Trailers Across the Curriculum (#PedagooPerth Conversation)⤴

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I first became aware of the idea of making book trailers about 3 years ago when the Scottish Book Trust launched a book trailer competition to coincide with the Scottish Book Trust Awards.  At that time I had a number of boys in P7 who were at that difficult stage of trying to find new […]

ICT enhanced teaching and learning: digital pedagogy.⤴

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At the moment I am undertaking some design and teaching work for UCL IOE on behalf of the Government of Macedonia. I am fortunate to be part of a small team developing a training program for the Macedonian Secondary Teachers ITT course and as part of this group am leading on ICT enhanced teaching and learning and Creative […]