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reply to aaron, document.designMode=’on’⤴

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Replied to re: document.designMode by Aaron DavisAaron Davis
document.designMode is another useful tool when teaching the web and manipulation of content.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for this, a useful replacement for Mozzila’s x-ray for learning, teaching and playing with the web.

I wondered about using this on iOS and found I could make the simplest of shortcuts.



I’ve not used a shortcut for running JavaScriipt in mobile Safari before so useful to learn about completion()

Thimble by Mozilla – An online code editor for learners & educators.⤴

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Source: Thimble by Mozilla – An online code editor for learners & educators.

Thimble gets a nice update.  Here is the quickest webpage I could make: Kicking the Thimble.

You can now upload files, css, image, javascript ect and create & edit multiple files. Code completion seems a lot better to me too. It grumbles about Safari s oI switched to chrome which is recommended along with FireFox.

Obviously useful for learning to create webpages.