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Cairn Primary School Primary 2/3 Glow Pages⤴

from @ Glow Gallery

Diane Owens from Cairn Primary School in Maybole explains how she began using Glow with her Primary 2/3 class.

Diane had used the previous version of Glow and was given some basic training on the new Office 365 version of Glow by another member of staff in her school.


After this Diane began setting up a class site for her P2/3 class.  Diane found she needed a bit of help to begin with, but once she got started it was quite straightforward.

Diane decided to set up a site where her class could access messages from the teacher at home and also find their homework.  As the class were P2/3 and operating at First Level, Diane found that the photographs feature of Glow was very useful.


Diane posted photographs which related to the pupils’ homework to help them complete it at home.

As well as this Diane found that the pupils really enjoyed seeing photographs which related to work in the classroom and particularly enjoyed being able to share this with their parents and other family members at home.

Diane also created a list of useful weblinks for the pupils, which included sites such as:

Homework Shop

Think U Know

Woodlands Maths and Literacy

National Geographic kids’ site

Diane found that one of the most popular aspects for the pupils was the ease of communication with the teacher when the pupils were at home or out of school.  They regularly commented that this was their favourite thing about using Glow.



Diane reports that she was pleasantly surprised and pleased by how confident the young learners in her class were in using Glow.  Diane has 2 Pcs and a laptop in her classroom and the class have 2 sessions in the school’s ICT suite per week, one for curricular work and one for ICT skills.







Lawthorn primary school⤴

from @ Glow Gallery

We visited Lawthorn primary school to find out how they have been using Glow

Listen to teacher, Mr English, sharing what he has been doing and which of the Glow services he has been finding useful.

And now we have some pupils talking about what Glow has meant for them

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