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Getting it right for all pupils⤴

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Here’s something that can make a big difference to pupils’ lives. Ever heard of GIRFEC? It’s short for Getting it Right for Every Child. GIRFEC helps the adults who support you to work together to make sure you are ok and that you get the support you need. Check out this GIRFEC wheel picture. Teachers and other people who support you might use this wheel when talking to you about what is going well in your life and where you need more help.

What does GIRFEC mean for you?

GIRFEC should make sure that:

  • You understand what is happening and why.
  • You have been listened to and your wishes have been heard, understood and taken into account.
  • You feel confident about the help you are getting.
  • You are involved in discussions and decisions that affect you.
  • You know you will get support that is right for you as soon as possible.
  • People that are supporting you work together to make sure you get the support you need

Check out Ryan’s story to get an idea of what GIRFEC looks like in real life.

GIRFEC isn’t that easy to get your head around. One council has made an app to help make sense of it, worth checking out. 

Here’s how some of the older pupils at Gourock Primary  have helped people understand what GIRFEC is about by setting up a social enterprise. If your secondary school have done any projects like this, would be great to hear from you.

“The Games Café began with an idea from our P6 pupils in the school. They wanted to make sure that the rest of the pupils in the school knew the 8 wellbeing indicators. They thought of a game board with the wellbeing wheel in the centre and some stops around the outside where the player would think about the indicators. The Girfec Gameboard with question cards was completed and printed a year later.

We entered a local Dragons’ Den style competition where we pitched an idea to spread the word of our Girfec Gameboard through a Games Café for the school and community. This was a Social Enterprise bid and all funds would go to our Partner school in Malawi.

The Games Café has been running since August 2016 and already we have had parents, pupils and members of the community coming along to the Games Café for a coffee or tea, home baking and a chance to play the game.”

A big thank you to the Girfec Group at Gourock for writing this – Jess, Adam ,Duncan, Ellie & Maya.

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PREVENT update⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

PREVENT is embedded within the legislative safeguarding duties of all education authorities and schools. Professional update for educational staff is undertaken through the routine sessions delivered by education authorities and the SCIS ( Scottish Council for Independent Schools)

In Scotland, we have a distinctive approach to safeguarding in Scotland linking to Getting It Right for Every Child which promotes action to improve the wellbeing of every child and young person.    Safeguarding is the golden thread that runs through the curriculum. The aim is to support the development of learner’s knowledge, skills and resilience to keep themselves safe and protect themselves and to develop an understanding of the world so that they can respond to a range of issues and potential risky situations arising throughout their lives. As such, it permeates many features of the education experience life – leadership, values, vision, the curriculum, teaching and learning, positive relationships, learner resilience, etc.

Education Scotland, working closely with the City of Glasgow Council is hosting a PREVENT conference on 24 February to be held in Lourdes Secondary School. Dr Alasdair Allan, Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s languages, will open the conference. The conference is targeted at strategic education leaders across the wider education community covering education authorities, colleges, independent schools and third sector organisations involved in supporting the PREVENT agenda, it will be led and facilitated by young people from the school. Keynote speakers will include colleagues from Education Scotland, Scottish Government, Police Scotland and the young people from Lourdes.

Following the strategic conference, in the summer term, a number of regional events will be held for practitioners focused on curriculum support to ensure teachers and other educational staff are supported to embed the PREVENT agenda into key curricular areas, including RME, social subjects and HWB. These regional events will show case best practice and have input from curricular leaders within Education Scotland.

Education Scotland recently published (September 2015) HGIOS4. Within the document a new quality indicator focused on Safeguarding has been developed. This QI outlines the clear expectations of all schools, colleges, early learning and childcare centres in protecting children and young people