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Professional Learning Programme: The Enterprising Practitioner⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

Are you Looking for creative ways to develop children and young people’s learning about the world of work?Scot Enterprising Schools

Enterprising attitudes and skills such as generating ideas, creative problem solving, being pro-active and tenacious and taking responsibility, help to support our young people to cope with, and indeed succeed, in our increasingly dynamic wold of work. Scotland’s Enterprising Schools have developed a free online professional learning programme – The Enterprising Practitioner to help you have a better understanding of enterprise education and how you can help young people develop an enterprising mind set.

The three module programme aims to give you a brief introduction to this broad area:

Module 1 introduces you to the wider context of enterprise in education and the key stakeholders who can help you. Module 2 reviews key teaching approaches commonly used by practitioners to help support enterprising learning and Module 3 has a focus on self-employment and entrepreneurship and aims to bust many of the myths surrounding this area.

Each module is supported by an activity pack designed to challenge you to reflect on each area and consider your own practice and that of your school.

Funding for enterprise education announced!⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced a £300 000  funding for entrepreneurial learning and enterprise education at the opening of the RBS entrepreneurial hub at the bank’s Gogarburn headquarters.

The money for Scotland’s Enterprising Schools will go towardsScot Enterprising Schools helping teachers unleash the entrepreneurial and creative skills shown by pupils by setting up a team to work with schools and local authorities to provide resources and lesson plans.

Links will also be made with private partners to work with pupils to further enhance promising ideas. More than 80 schools are already benefitting from the initiative which is part of Scotland CAN DO, which is the framework used by the Scottish Government to move towards becoming a world leading and entrepreneurial and innovative nation.

The First Minister said:

“Scotland’s young people are this nation’s future, and we must do all we can to give them the chance to thrive and be the best they can be.

“Our schools, colleges and universities are key players in nurturing our young people and making them aware of their possibilities, be that as a mechanic, a scientist, a sports star or successful business men and women.

“This £300,000 will give our children the belief that they CAN DO and that enterprise can be a valid and viable choice for all. The ‘Scotland’s Enterprising Schools’ platform will help them to learn and build on this and open up their entrepreneurial potential.

“2016 is the Year of Design, Architecture and Innovation, and promoting innovation is an incredibly powerful way of creating a sustainably prosperous society and helping Scotland achieve its full economic potential through growth and job creation.”


Facilitated by Education Scotland and delivered through Young Enterprise Scotland; the ‘Scotland’s Enterprising Schools’ team will engage with schools, local authorities and partners to share examples of good work and best practice across the country.

Educating in Entrepreneurship in the Classroom⤴

from @ ICT for Teaching & Learning in Falkirk Primary Schools

In helping in preparing pupils for their future teachers consider what lies ahead, what the skills and experiences their pupils may require for whatever their chosen path in life may be. A facility to make the most of money and having a business acumen may be considered skills worth developing in pupils. Encouraging an entrepreneurial culture and developing skills to support it is often stated as one means of ensuring any society’s economy is secure. So what can teachers do to help nurture entrepreneurship in their pupils?

10 Steps to teaching pupils to become entrepreneurs is a series of 10 statements of the kinds of skills and experiences it may be considered that aspiring entrepreneurs may want to have, and short descriptions of suggested teaching ideas for each one.

Cameron Herold presents a TED talk on his thoughts on why schools should teach pupils about being an entrepreneur. He also suggests ways of teaching to help pupils who may become entrepreneurs to flourish.

Education Scotland’s Entrepreneurial Learning resources support teachers in providing pupils the chance to “experience real business and work-related learning through entrepreneurial enterprise activities where entrepreneurial learning also allows all children and young people to develop a range of skills through ‘hands-on’ participation. These skills are valuable for future employees, employers and entrepreneurs, and link to all subjects right across the curriculum.”

BizKids is a US site supporting teachers teach Business Education, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship in the classroom for primary and secondary age pupils. There are videos (including a YouTube channel of episodes featuring children of different ages as entrepreneurs as well as a mix of informational videos about money in everyday life) with associated lesson plans and activity prompt sheets.

Click here to view the introductory video to BizKids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4EoU9UZTz0

MyKindaCrowd is an online resource providing the means to connect young people with businesses. It is designed for schools looking to work on problem-solving projects based on the world of work to connect with businesses which would support this. Even if not using the connecting tool the ideas presented could provide the inspiration for a world of work project in-school.

Click here to view the video from MyKindaCrowd: http://www.youtube.com/v/tK5eye8cq2Y

Making Money Matter is a post bringing together a host of resources to support teaching pupils about money in all aspects of life