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Ambition is Never Hallow⤴


As I read the above article in TES two, rather cliché, song lyrics played in my mind (this seems to be a habit of mine, I memorised revision topics using songs that reminded me of the subject).
“Fight for every dream, because who’s to know, which one you let go, would have made you complete…”
And the ever iconic “DON’T STOP BELIEVING!”
Actually I found myself internally screaming the Journey lyrics before I had even started reading the article… hollow ambition. I don’t think I have ever found two words so depressing; and when placed in the context of education, they are downright scary!
I fully appreciate the sentiment that giving education eloquent phrases, no matter how motivational, is not the answer because without action they are only phrases. This can be clearly illustrated by the struggle to implement the Curriculum for excellence. But, to discredit ambitions and dreams is a completely different scenario.
Yes action needs to be taken. Substance needs to be given to terms like Curriculum for Excellence and Achievement for All. We all know that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all, and every other inspirational quote flying around out there, but little is being done to actually realise the goals these one-liners stand for. Nevertheless, I, for one, would rather continue to see the encouragement machine churn out phrase after phrase, than see the demise of I can do anything I strive for.