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Revolution starts at the bottom⤴


This week I was feeling massively overwhelmed by the challenge I face; enhance the capability of schools to achieve Curriculum for Excellence goals through the benefits of ICT. I love research, so being handed this task was like a dream come true… but to date I have 100+ journal articles, 100+ Blog and Newspaper opinions and ideas, 100+ inspirational companies and 100+ fears!
I have always known where I want this project to go; I always had a main goal, one word that stood out: equality. I want education to be equally available for everyone. Wow, that is one huge goal.
Then, reading through blog comments after a Twitter tipoff from @readywriting, I read this Hang in there and remember, revolution happens from the bottom, not the top. You will get your chance! I love this. It reminded me automatically of a friend of mine facing charges for protesting against the student cuts and then of the Libyan and Egyptian protestors who finally regained control of their countries. Violence aside, the passion and determination of these people, like so many others before them (Emmeline Pankhurst is a personal hero of mine) has driven mass cultural change. I am not proposing we protest for an ICT boost in schools, I’m just revelling in the idea that I, along with everyone else out there who visualises a 21st Century classroom, could actually contribute to a revolutionary change in education. It’s invigorating, empowering and immensely motivational.

Here are a few of my educational heroes, fighting for the 21st Century learner:
Do-Be @dobeict A really great little company with big ideas for revolutionising teaching.
And of course the reason for my inspirational spurt this afternoon Lee Skallerup @readywriting