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WordPress LTI Testing: Part 4⤴

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This follows on from a series of previous posts documenting some thinking about integrating WordPress with a VLE via LTI: Laying it all out to begin WordPress LTI Testing: Part 1 WordPress LTI Testing: Part 2 WordPress LTI Testing: Part 3 Doing the thinking above … Continue reading WordPress LTI Testing: Part 4

#edu522 #dailyponderance #edtech tools⤴

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Replied to #edu522 #dailyponderance #edtech tools by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (jgregorymcverry.com)
For today’s #edu522 #dailyponderance you need to highlight some cool #edtech tools. Give us 3-5 apps or websites we should try in class.

You can’t do without an RSS reader, for the last few years I’ve liked Inoreader.

Surge is a useful tool to play about with making webpages. It is aimed at developers but I think it is handy for dabblers too. Works for static sites. A lot of the documentation is for things beyond my ken (Grunt, Gulp and other things I do not recognise). You can however build la local webpage and easily push it online. Here is a very silly one: Sounds Bad!.

The Daily Stillness | daily small exercises to help you find stillness: a bit like the daily create on #DS106 or this #dailyponderance bu for thinking about your relationship to technology and life.

FlickrCC Stampr This is one I built myself for my primary pupils. The idea was to make it really simple for young children to attribute but ‘stamping’ the attribution onto the image.

Learning Analytics Policy Development⤴


I wrote this up in a short brain dump to share with some colleagues internally recently, but since our Learning Analytics Principles and Purposes policy has now been re-published with a CC license, I thought it might be worth sharing some of the back story … Continue reading Learning Analytics Policy Development

Breaking your back in the new low⤴


We define Learning Technology as the broad range of communication, information and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching and assessment. Our community is made up of people who are actively involved in understanding, managing, researching, supporting or enabling learning with the … Continue reading Breaking your back in the new low

#ETConf18: Lecture Recording: A student co-creation case study⤴


This is the full text of the paper that Karoline and I wrote for the QAA Enhancement Themes 2018 conference and presented on 7 June. Lecture Recording: A student co-creation case study Anne-Marie Scott, Karoline Nanfeldt. University of Edinburgh. Abstract The University of Edinburgh has … Continue reading #ETConf18: Lecture Recording: A student co-creation case study

Signs of the apocalypse and learner dashboards⤴


A sunny Monday morning in Edinburgh (one of the signs of the apocalypse) comes with the good news that a proposal to run a half-day workshop at the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning has been accepted. Student-facing Learning Analytics – Principles for Design and … Continue reading Signs of the apocalypse and learner dashboards

Research-led learning⤴


As part of our multi-year lecture recording programme we are funding a special call within the Principal's Teaching Award Scheme for small research projects. It is important that we properly evaluate such a major change to what happens in our learning and teaching environments (physical … Continue reading Research-led learning

Sharing a few notes on #OER18⤴


I have great intentions to blog all the best experiences I have, but usually end up finding myself massively over-stimulated and therefore barely coherent. In the interests of not forgetting (and reflecting that I *still* haven't finished any of my blog posts from LAK18), I'm … Continue reading Sharing a few notes on #OER18

Digital Education and WordPress: an historical romp for #pressedconf18⤴


Today myself and Jen Ross took part in the PressEd Twitter conference, brilliantly organised by Pat Lockley and Natalie Lafferty. They had the genius idea of re-mixing the Public Archaeology Twitter conference format and with much heroic cajoling succeeded pulled in over 40 presentations from … Continue reading Digital Education and WordPress: an historical romp for #pressedconf18