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Easi Speak Mics at St Thomas’ P.S⤴

from @ ICT Hardware Loans

The equipment was used by P.7 stage in the school during T3. The aim of using this hardware initially was to allow the children to evaluate their own written work to allow re-draft and improvement.


The children found the use of the equipment simple. They could drag and drop their work to their laptop to listen to and allow them to make changes to their written copy. The children further used the microphones to record their peer reading with their infant buddies. They then transferred both pieces of evidence above into their e-portfolios.


The equipment could be used in a variety of ways across all areas of the curriculum and only time prevented more exploring of the possible avenues. They were simple to use and allowed the children to explore technology to enhance their knowledge and understanding. The equipment was easy to use and the sound was of good quality.

Peer Read

Using Easi Speak Microphones⤴

from @ ICT Hardware Loans


As part of our S2 ICT course pupils were asked to create an animation of an Olympics game.  After working in groups to produce the animation they would be encouraged to record their own voice over to personalise their animation as pupils would work on their own to edit the animation.

How ICT supported learning and teaching

Using the easi speak microphones pupils recorded their voice over in a quiet  room and were then able to add it to their animation.  Working in a quiet room with the microphones allowed a variety of pupils to enhance and personalise their animation.  Some of the pupils managed to upload their animation to Glow for othe pupils to see and comment on.

Impact / conclusion

Some of the pupils were enthusiastic about recording their voice over and others needed some encouragement!  Pupils who did this were delighted with their final product even though they hated listening to their own voice.  We have now bought some easi speak microphones for use in next year’s S2 course!

Yes, the voice over script was that long!