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Credit where credit is due on #PedagooFriday⤴

from @ Pedagoo.org

You’re probably aware of our end-of-the-week hashtag #PedagooFriday.  The idea is to create a space on Twitter where teachers can share a positive experience from their classroom and, perhaps, develop a happier tone at the end of the week.  It’s been quite a week.  Nuff said. As this week’s Duty Moderator, I noticed that several […]

Join the conversation about differentiated learning⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

Briefing 1 – Differentiated learning in numeracy and mathematics


This briefing summarises research on differentiated learning and considers how it could be used to improve learner outcomes in numeracy and mathematics.

Study the briefing and any follow-up research you can and then please give us your views on these challenge questions:

• Tell us how you differentiate for learning in numeracy and mathematics within your classroom? What range of strategies can we use?

• How do we work out if these strategies are effective?

• How to do we make learners aware of what differentiation is and how it helps their learning?

Big ask I know. No single one of us has all the answers but together? Let’s co-create some wisdom on this topic!

You will need your Glow username to take part.

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from @ Pedagoo.org

As one of our digital leaders at school, responsible for raising our digital prowess and use of technology to enhance learning (rather than just a bolt on), I am often asked what are my most recommended apps/tools to use in the classroom. I am by no means an expert – in fact, quite late to […]

Peer and self assessment⤴

from @ Pedagoo.org

I have seen students self and peer assessing with no guidance, structure or success criteria. In my opinion it doesn’t work. If the students knew what to do well and how to improve they would have done it in their own work in the first instance. Comparatively, I have seen some fantastic peer and self-assessment […]

Differentiated CPD – It’s The Future! I’ve Tasted It!⤴

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Have you ever been forced to sit through a whole day training session on an area of teaching you consider to be one of your strengths? Has a trainer visited your school to say that you should be teaching in a style that really wouldn’t work for you? Did you go to the same Teachmeet […]

What’s the point of differentiation? #PedagooHampshire⤴

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Everyone assumes that differentiation is the right approach to mixed ability teaching, but does it actually work? Do students necessarily maximise their learning and what is the psychological effect on students of differentiating tasks and resources? It was with these concerns in mind that I researched the merits of differentiation by task. I do it […]


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I am trying my hand at ‘blogging’ following recruitment by Barry at a recent series of NCSP workshops. I am not sure how blogging really works (shocking I know) and this must make me something of a Luddite around these parts. With that in mind, the theme of my presentation for the NCSP was differentiation strategies […]