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Pedagoo Perth⤴

from @ The Pedagogy Princess

My aim throughout my time as a student is to continue developing my professional practice so that when I graduate then I will already be in the habit. From day one, the University of Dundee have encouraged our use of twitter, twitter chats and blogs to effectively share our experience with others. I can safely […]

Gender Stereotypes in the Media⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

Waking on Friday morning I unexpectedly found my social media site exploded with claims that in America girls believe brilliance is a male trait. Naturally I was curious to find out more, and the more articles I read, I was horrified to find that the reality is that girls from as young as six truly […]

My Peer Education Story⤴

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As an avid Girlguider I was delighted to get a place on the Peer Education training course last weekend. Peer Education is Girlguiding UK’s innovative programme that trains members of The Senior Section (14-25 year olds) to empower themselves and others to make a difference in the lives of girls throughout the UK through different “training […]

Quelle est le date ton anniversair⤴

from @ Thoughts and Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

This song pretty much sums up my memory of learning a modern foreign language (MFL) at primary school. We learned it until we were blue in the face, and then sang it in an assembly to the rest of the school. I’m sure we did learn a few other basics (Bonjour, ca va, au revoir) […]

Is Scottish history the only history that matters in the classroom?⤴

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Scotland. BUT WHY OH WHY ARE WE BEING TOLD TO ONLY TEACH ABOUT SCOTTISH HISTORY? Recently, I started back at University (what a shock to the system – let me tell you) and my elective module is history. This got me thinking about something that was said to me in my first year of training, […]

A schools intake of children – It’s not for all!⤴

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I am back fresh from Florida and thought that on the train I would get familiar with the goings on in the UK since I was away. So, apparently according to the BBC education section online, the biggest thing that has happened since my departure 10 days ago is that children are missing out on […]

The Internet is my Teacher⤴

from @ Thoughts and Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

This morning my brain is buzzing with a thousand thoughts. Through a teaching connection on Twitter (did I mention that I love social media?) I was advised to listen to a wonderful show on BBC iPlayer entitled My Teacher is an App. This is a fascinating piece about the ever increasing role of technology in education. […]

To VARK or not to VARK, that is the question⤴

from @ Thoughts and Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to teaching! Throughout planning, implementation and reflection, it is essential for a primary teacher to recognize that every pupil is an individual. This means that there are numerous learning approaches and preferences throughout any class. In 1987, Niel Flemming devised categories of learning in order to encourage teachers and students […]

Health and Wellbeing – One girl’s opinion⤴

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In my opinion Health and Wellbeing is one of the most important areas in the Scottish curriculum. It is where students are able to learn about and discuss relationships, physical education and wellbeing, mental wellbeing, emotional wellbeing and social wellbeing just to name a few. In the principles and practice document for the Scottish curriculum it […]

Just Another Post About Science Literacy..⤴

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If you’re looking at the title and thinking its a bit strange, let me explain… For our latest tutor directed task at the university, all the first years were asked to get together into groups and write 600 words as a team about what science literacy is, discuss an example of inaccurate media reporting and to […]