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Braidbar Primary School Book Group Forum⤴

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Creating a Book Group on Glow using a Forum.badge resized

Mr Howie, P5/P6 class teacher, discusses with pupils how a Glow forum was used to support engagement with reading.

Ruby likes a mix of fiction and non-fiction and has these as her favourites..





and ..







Mathew likes these books …






‘As a teacher it gave me the opportunity to ask extended questions about reading’, says Mr Howie.

In this video, Ruby and Mathew discus their favourite books and the use of the Class Glow Site forum to share their reviews. Whilst Mr. Howie asks extended questions to tease out the context of use and impact on learning.

Mr. Howie was asked, “why Glow Forum for this activity?”. He replied, “I wanted my Book Club to be a place where pupils could meet and discuss their thoughts in relation to different texts and authors. We already had a newsfeed on the homepage where they interacted, but I felt I needed something more structured where these discussions could be grouped into different threads. The Glow Forum was the ideal choice. It was easy to set up and the pupils could add their own folders and titles where appropriate. This kept the discussions separate and it also made it easy to identify books/topics that the pupils would be keen on accessing.”

Here are some screenshots from the School Glow Book Forum…



If you want to find out more about using a forum to support class discussions and collaborative learning check out:

Coaching discussion skills

- Introduction to Class Sites

Create an online space for learning and collaboration

Cairn Primary School Primary 2/3 Glow Pages⤴

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Diane Owens from Cairn Primary School in Maybole explains how she began using Glow with her Primary 2/3 class.

Diane had used the previous version of Glow and was given some basic training on the new Office 365 version of Glow by another member of staff in her school.


After this Diane began setting up a class site for her P2/3 class.  Diane found she needed a bit of help to begin with, but once she got started it was quite straightforward.

Diane decided to set up a site where her class could access messages from the teacher at home and also find their homework.  As the class were P2/3 and operating at First Level, Diane found that the photographs feature of Glow was very useful.


Diane posted photographs which related to the pupils’ homework to help them complete it at home.

As well as this Diane found that the pupils really enjoyed seeing photographs which related to work in the classroom and particularly enjoyed being able to share this with their parents and other family members at home.

Diane also created a list of useful weblinks for the pupils, which included sites such as:

Homework Shop

Think U Know

Woodlands Maths and Literacy

National Geographic kids’ site

Diane found that one of the most popular aspects for the pupils was the ease of communication with the teacher when the pupils were at home or out of school.  They regularly commented that this was their favourite thing about using Glow.



Diane reports that she was pleasantly surprised and pleased by how confident the young learners in her class were in using Glow.  Diane has 2 Pcs and a laptop in her classroom and the class have 2 sessions in the school’s ICT suite per week, one for curricular work and one for ICT skills.







Cairn Primary School Glow School Site⤴

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Amanda Pickard at Cairn Primary, Maybole shows how she encouraged staff to use Glow to help make learning fun.



Amanda used the previous version of Glow for learning and teaching and was keen for all staff to use the new version. As a result she embarked on a training programme for all staff in the school. After this was completed, Amanda felt the ideal way to get started was to create a school site on Glow, with a school landing page and pages for each class and teacher.

Amanda created the Cairn Primary School’s Glow Landing page:


She then encouraged each teacher to create their own class page with help if needed.

Amanda created her own page for her Primary 6 class:


Every class page has a Newsfeed, Things to Do list, useful weblinks and photographs.

Amanda’s P6 class has additional pages created for topics studied by the class:


The Modern World

Safer Internet Day

All homework for P6 is uploaded on to the P6 Glow page.  Pupils can manage their homework for the week and have the choice to download it early depending on any commitments they may have during the week.  This has worked well for quite a number of pupils.

The weblinks section has proved useful as a resource to help pupils complete their homework with popular links including Education City, Sumdog, Cool Maths, Woodland Maths and Literacy websites. As well as this the teacher added topic specific websites such as Yad Vashem and Guardian of the Memory websites for Holocaust Memorial Day.

Another feature which proved useful for learning was the survey feature.

As well as setting up the survey on the class page, a graphical representation can be called up showing pupils the results of the survey:


This is an ideal tool for helping pupils learn about information handling and they can create their own surveys and analyse the results.

The pupils are particularly keen on the Photographs section of the class page where all photographs of learning activities and other class activities are posted.  Amanda reports that pupils love being able to show their families what they have been up to in school and this has proved to be one of the most popular areas on the page.

As well as this, the Newsfeed has allowed an ongoing conversation about learning to take place amongst teacher and pupils and other pupils. The informality of this conversation can sometimes disguise the fact that there is meaningful help being provided amongst peers with homework and of course the conversation is monitored by the class teacher.

Amanda’s plans for next session include having staff proformas on the school landing page to make them available to all teachers.  For her class she is planning to begin using OneNote which will allow her and her pupils to edit documents simultaneously, for example working together on a Word document.








Beith Languages Hub Website⤴

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By Amy Guidi           Beith Primary School            North Ayrshire

I have used a Glow Blog to create a 1+2 Languages web site.

This site has been created to support and facilitate Spanish language learning. Pupils have been writing scripts and recording themselves. These have been published on the website as podcasts. Each podcast included relevant links to websites that can challenge and support the listeners further. Pupils have been responsible for every stage of the podcast process.

I received support from a colleague in Braehead Primary School, in Stirling council and I attended a training session with our local Glow coordinator on the use of Glow blogs and how to customize the site.

I have been working with pupils on this project since mid May 2015 and we have four podcasts available for pupils, parents and staff.

This has had a very positive impact on pupils as they enjoy listening to their peers and are challenged to produce the next podcast for the site. Staff and parents are able to improve and practice their Spanish which has been vitally important in providing people with the necessary supports when introducing a new language across the school.beith 2

Staff have a starting point for Spanish lessons and links to tried and tested website, songs and apps. This has boosted their confidence in delivering Spanish lessons.

This is an ongoing project and I will continue to support learners to produce podcasts on a regular basis. All topics that are taught in class will be covered in podcasts. We hope to include movie clips next session.

The website is available to everyone at



Digital Leaders and Glow tools at St Bernadette’s RC Primary⤴

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John Cloherty, P6/7 teacher and ICT Coordinator at St Bernadette’s RC Primary, Falkirk and the P7 Digital Leaders Niamh Wallace and Molly Rodden explain how they have been using the Glow tools in their school.


St Bernadette’s Primary has 8 classes and a Digital Leader was assigned to each class. They are responsible for trouble-shooting and teaching classes through a skills based approach. There is a poster with a hotline number in each class! Staff and pupils then provide feedback about this approach.

During Digital Learning Week, the Digital Leaders were responsible for organising the week, including writing lesson plans for teaching each class. These had to include success criteria and learning intentions.

Initial training was recieved from Malcolm Wilson at Falkirk Council


The Digital Leaders are responsible for the school blog for their assigned class. Staff use their Glow email to send them pictures and information for inclusion in the blog. This has encouraged other classes to make better use of the tools and to actively seek new ways to use technology with learners. It has also encourage staff to listen to learners and to use their expertise.

The opportunities for collaborative work has been increased. Learners have been able to work together on PowerPoint, each taking responsibility for a different slide.stbs3

During Digital Learning Week, they took part in the collaborative story telling which allowed them to write part of a National story.

The learning has been more pupil led and has allowed personalisation and choice, linked to pupil interests. This ensures learners have ownership of the learning and more confidence, especially when teaching staff. The learners would recommend this approach as it helps to make learning fun. It has also helped consolidate their learning as they can’t forget how to do things when they are sharing with others. They have also learned it is important to be patient and enthusiasm is essential!


Future Use

The Digital Leaders programme will continue into next session and they are busy training the new leaders. It is hoped the Digital Leaders will continue training staff during collegiate times, pupils during class time and introduce some Parent sessions. They also have plans to use Glow Meet for a school TV channel.

To carryout similar work you can find help and support at




Dunrobin Junior Journalists⤴

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Dunrobin Junior Journalists

Dunrobin Junior Journalists

The Dunrobin Junior Journalists us a Glow blog as part of their project:

We are the Junior Journalists in Dunrobin Primary School in Airdrie. We attend an after school club on Tuesdays, where we work together to produce a school magazine all about the things that are going on in and around our school. We also have our own blog, which we use as our TV channel “Dunrobin News”. We upload video news reports we have made onto this blog and we also post some of the articles from our magazine.

The reason we started this club is because Mrs Whomes applied for an Access to Education grant to improve literacy in our school. She used the grant to buy 16 ipads and some digital cameras that we use at the club. We even get to take the cameras home to make our news reports.

On 15th May, we got to go to Sky Skills Academy in Livingston where we worked in their studios to produce an 8 minute long news programme. It was so much fun and we learned lots about working in the media!

You can read the Dunrobin Junior Journalists blog, and a post about their Trip To Sky Studios.

Dunrobin Primary were enthusiastic participants in the Blogging Bootcamp.

GPS Sensational Sevens⤴

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This is a wonderful class blog from Gourock. The pupils and their teacher blog about a wide range of activities, using images and video expertly.

Hello and welcome to Gourock Primary School’s P7 Class Blog Inverclyde. Check back regularly to see what we have been up to! This Blog is updated by P7 pupils and Mrs Hunter. Follow us on Twitter: @MrsAndreaHunter



Gourock Primary Sensational Sevens

My Island⤴

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Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.02.06

My Island.

An interesting looking blog from a Primary Learner, Emma describes here blog:

I live on the lovely island of Islay on the west coast of Scotland.  We have lots of lovely wildlife, beaches and people and places to visit.  I go to port Ellen Primary School and every year primary 5-7 carry out an Endeavour project.  This is an extended project that must be ambitious, challenging, have new learning and be shared with others.  Last year my Endeavour project was on cooking, and I made lots of different foods in the school kitchen.  This year I am going to be travelling around my island and finding out more about it.  I will write about my experiences in this blog with the help of my teachers and parents.  I want to learn all the different things there are to do on Islay that I enjoy.

Nats Cake Blog⤴

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Here is a lovely blog from a P5 pupil sharing her passion for baking for her Endeavour Project. This is a great way for pupils to develop their literacy and technology skills, allowing them to write about something they are truly interested in and giving them an audience for their work.


In school i will be doing stuff all about cakes and showing you some stuff about baking.On the 25th November I started my blog, i will be talking to you at least once a week just talking to you about different cakes, i will show you me baking all sorts of different cakes and i will be showing you some how to videos. I will also be showing you the ingredients and measurements.

From Nats Blog