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Raising aspirations and equal-access by @TeacherToolkit⤴


“The UK education system faces a range of inter-related challenges: students from non-selective state schools are under-represented at top universities; with schools increasingly accountable for progression to higher education.” (Source) Context: This week, I’ve been touched by two stories I’ve heard from my own students. Both heart-wrenching; real and poignant. But, what is moving about … Continue reading

Be Creatively Subversive with Windows 8⤴

from @ Mimanifesto - Jaye's weblog

Its very often the case in education that we stumble across things by accident. And as educators, we often get to thinking – “hey, I could use that with my classes”. It’s very often not the way the thing we stumble across was meant to be used, but you know, actually, it could work with […]

1 in 4 students in your classroom by @TeacherToolkit #WorldPrematurityDay #SEN⤴


“In the average UK classroom, there will be four children who have been born prematurely. Many of these students have emerging special needs that are different to what teachers have known before”, says Professor Barry Carpenter. Context: I am obviously a huge advocate for @BlissCharity and @Tommys_Baby after discovering the world of premature babies first … Continue reading »

#Peepshows and #Rubbernecks by @TeacherToolkit⤴


Now that I have your attention; this post is all about marking; feedback; re-drafting and book scrutiny. Definitions: Peepshows = Observations; Learning Walks; Book Scrutiny; Faculty Reviews. Rubbernecks = Observers who twist one’s head; to stare at something in a foolish manner in order to find flaws. I recently published that, as a school; ‘Why … Continue reading »

#Vamoose! I’m off… to a meeting with TES Resources⤴


Well, last night you will all be aware that I raised some very important issues for teachers who share their own resources on the @TESResources website. As a result, I can post the following updates… Today, thanks to this blog, this blog and this blog, (all well worth a serious look – do it now) … Continue reading »