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Time-lapse, slow-mo, burst-mode and more – using tablet or smartphone cameras in the classroom⤴

from @ ICT for Learning & Teaching in Falkirk Schools

Smartphones and tablets such as iPads have inbuilt cameras with a host of features beyond simply taking a photograph. Whether it’s time-lapse, slo-mo, burst-mode, video, panorama, zoom or a range of filters, quality choice or proportions.

How might these be used in the classroom to support learning and teaching?

Perhaps trying to show development of work over time in time-lapse mode for a creation process in writing, an experiment in science; or perhaps using slow-motion to more closely let a learner study techniques in physical education or music instrumental technique; or using burst-mode to capture a precise moment when observing minibeasts or animals.

Browse through the Sway presentations below to see how to use these tools on an iPad, as well as for some examples of their use in a learning environment.


Click here for a Sway showing how to use the time-lapse mode on an iPad camera, along with some examples of use, where this lets you record activity over an extended period of time but are able to view it played back with the images showing in rapid succession.


Click here for a Tweet showing an example of the use of the slow-motion mode


When you want to get the best shot of a fast-moving activity you might try to use the ordinary camera mode but, as often as not, you’ll probably find that by the time you’ve got the camera ready and clicked to take the picture you’re either too early or miss the critical moment. So here’s where the burst mode comes into play – it lets you take a series of single images from which you can then select the one which captures the moment you wish to illustrate a specific moment in time.

Click here for a Sway showing how to use the iPad camera burst-mode rapid multi-shot photo mode to capture an action image

Panorama mode

Click here for an example of use of panorama mode in iPad camera (and with pupils moving to appear multiple times in the same photograph as the camera pans round slowly!!)

How do I share photographs and videos created on my iPad?

In a classroom setting where you may be using iPads shared between multiple users, or where a teacher wants to bring images created by others together for using in other applications jointly by a class, there are different options for sharing what’s stored on an iPad. One way might be for learners to use the iPad AirDrop feature to share with another iPad – perhaps the teacher’s device for collating all created resources. Click on this link to a Sway showing how to use AirDrop. Or perhaps uploading to cloud storage online using OneDrive (provided to all users of Glow in Scottish schools). Click on this link to a Sway showing how to upload to OneDrive via a browser on an iPad.


Decisions, Decisions⤴


Our summer holiday is finally nearly upon us.  We are heading off on a two week cruise next weekend round the Western Mediterranean on P&O’s Ventura.  It has been a long hard year and we are really looking forward to getting away.

The challenge today is to decide what camera equipment I am going to take with me.  What will I actually use and what will just take up space?

Here is the list that I think I am going with.  What have I missed?

  • Nikon D300S body
  • Nikon 18-105mm DX lens
  • Nikon 50mm f1.8 prime lens
  • Tamron 70-300mm AF lens
  • Sigma 120-400mm DG lens
  • Lensbaby Composer with double glass and plastic optics
  • Range of Cokin filters
  • spare memory cards
  • lightweight monopod
  • Macbook Air with Photoshop Elements
  • 500G Passport hard drive

The decisions might be different if we were flying but weight restrictions are not a problem.

One Extreme to the Other⤴


Fisheye lens by Gordon McKinlay
Fisheye lens, a photo by Gordon McKinlay on Flickr.

As well as being the proud owner of a Sigma 120-400m zoom lens I now also have two tiny little lens attachments for the iPhone camera. One is a fish eye lens which gives quite bizarre results and the other is a combination macro and wide angle lens.

They were a lovely gift and I am going to have some fun experimenting.  Used in combination with the new IOS Flickr app (and the extra three months free Pro account I received today) they make a nice wee addition to my armoury.  As someone once said ” the best camera you have is the one you have with you”.  I don’t always have my DSL, but I do have my iPhone.