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App smashing in the classroom now on iBooks⤴

from @ teachitgeek

My first ever iBook has been published. You can download it from here.

In it I have tried to give users some ideas of how to get started using the iPad. This isn’t a book for veteran users, but is targeted more at teaching staff who are starting out with iPads in their lessons.

As I am a Scottish Educator, there is reference to Glow. Glow is a National digital intranet solution for schools and local authorities across the country. It is currently in it’s 2nd iteration and integrates Microsoft Office 365. As a result, teaching staff and pupils have 1Tb of OneDrive storage and in some cases access to 5 copies of Office365 apps.

Other apps mentioned include:
Book Creator
Explain Everything

All of these are excellent apps on their own, but together they really are a great way to unlock the potential of the work that pupils can create using the iPad.

If you download the book I would love to hear your thoughts. Positive and Negative. If you don’t hear the negative from time to time you don’t know where to improve. I hope to do more of these as time progresses so please keep coming back to the site for regular updates.

#iPaded – Book Creator for phonics development.⤴

from @ teachitgeek


Those of you who know me, know how much I love the possibilities that Book Creator by Red Jumper offers pupils and teachers.

My son, who has recently started Primary 1 (5 years old) has been coming home with new sounds every week. He is also a very confident iPad user. He has moved on from the baby swiping Daddy’s iPhone to a very competent iOS user. He knows how to insert images, record sound and can beat my high score in temple run. He asked if he could make a book on the iPad showing what letters and sounds he has learned so far. The result is below:

I am delivering training to staff at his school on Wednesday on the way that iPads can add to the experiences staff and pupils can have in school. I plan to use this book as an example of another way pupils can show their knowledge and understanding, and more importantly share their experiences.