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#ipaded – App Smashing in the classroom⤴

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App smashing is the process of using more than one app to create a project or product. It is highly engaging, asks students to be creative in their approach to their learning and use of technology and challenges them to take their learning to a higher level.

– Mark Anderson @ictevangelist

Image courtesy of @ipadwells

Appsmashing is a term first coined by Greg Kulowiec of edtechteacher.org. Greg has written a lot on the subject and can be found on Twitter @gregkulowiec

Appsmashing lends itself beautifully to the iPad in Education. Often, the questions ‘What is the best app to use in the classroom?’ or ‘Is there a good app for literacy/numeracy?’ are asked during CPD sessions. There is not one killer app or feature that makes the iPad a compelling choice of device, but rather the combination of apps and features that allow the pupils to express their understanding of a key concept or skill that makes it a go to for so many of our schools.

The purpose of technology in class is to enhance learning. Appsmashing is an activity that can be lots of fun, but can also focus too much on the technology if being particularly complicated. We do know, as teachers, that pupils are motivated and purposively engaged in the learning process when concepts and skills are underpinned with technology and sound pedagogy. This post will highlight a simple appsmashing activity that will motivate pupils and allow them to take ownership of their learning by giving them a realistic expectation and allowing them to be particularly creative.

For this task we will only need to use one app; Tellagami. This is a free app (the best kind) that allows pupils to create short animated videos. You can add your own background and record your voice to an animated character.tellagami

Stock iOS apps and features can sometimes be overlooked in terms of classroom benefit. Siri; while great for telling you a joke or the current weather conditions; can also be used to give you definitions of words, solving equations or showing you maps of famous landmarks. By using the command, ‘Show me the Eiffel Tower’ , pupils are able to view the famous landmark in 3D glory, screenshot the image and use it in another app. Spelling does not have to a barrier and allows pupils to focus on the clarity of their speech. This can be a huge plus for pupils who are not confident in their spelling and/or developing their language skills.


Once we have the image in our photos app, we can launch Tellagami and start to record ourselves. The video below details the process.

App smashing in the classroom now on iBooks⤴

from @ teachitgeek

My first ever iBook has been published. You can download it from here.

In it I have tried to give users some ideas of how to get started using the iPad. This isn’t a book for veteran users, but is targeted more at teaching staff who are starting out with iPads in their lessons.

As I am a Scottish Educator, there is reference to Glow. Glow is a National digital intranet solution for schools and local authorities across the country. It is currently in it’s 2nd iteration and integrates Microsoft Office 365. As a result, teaching staff and pupils have 1Tb of OneDrive storage and in some cases access to 5 copies of Office365 apps.

Other apps mentioned include:
Book Creator
Explain Everything

All of these are excellent apps on their own, but together they really are a great way to unlock the potential of the work that pupils can create using the iPad.

If you download the book I would love to hear your thoughts. Positive and Negative. If you don’t hear the negative from time to time you don’t know where to improve. I hope to do more of these as time progresses so please keep coming back to the site for regular updates.

Apps for every classroom 2015⤴

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With approximately 70% of UK schools having an iPad deployment, and with approximately 1.2 millions apps currently on the app store, knowing which apps to use in class can become a long and drawn out process.

The image above details some applications that can be used in any classroom and any curricular area. By focussing on content rather than curriculum specific applications, pupils can share their knowledge on topics or subjects by creating rich, media filled pieces of work that can be easily shared to online storage or to other devices via AirDrop.

#coffeechat Episode 003⤴

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Tonight I had the pleasure of hosting episode 3 of the #coffeechat podcast. I started this with my good friend Ian Simpson (@familysimpson) as a way for us to chat as often as possible about the state of technology in Education.

Tonight we had the pleasure of the Aberdeenshire dream team Jim McLean (@jimmclean1) and Susan Sey (@seysusan).

We spoke about the need for photocopying, modern classrooms, display interactivity and iPads in teaching and learning.

The audio version will be uploaded to iTunes ASAP.

#iPaded – Book Creator for phonics development.⤴

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Those of you who know me, know how much I love the possibilities that Book Creator by Red Jumper offers pupils and teachers.

My son, who has recently started Primary 1 (5 years old) has been coming home with new sounds every week. He is also a very confident iPad user. He has moved on from the baby swiping Daddy’s iPhone to a very competent iOS user. He knows how to insert images, record sound and can beat my high score in temple run. He asked if he could make a book on the iPad showing what letters and sounds he has learned so far. The result is below:

I am delivering training to staff at his school on Wednesday on the way that iPads can add to the experiences staff and pupils can have in school. I plan to use this book as an example of another way pupils can show their knowledge and understanding, and more importantly share their experiences.