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Another Advent⤴

from @ blethers

Another Advent

For Andy, who suggested the possibility.

From the darkness that returns
each year we sing our plaintive song
and ask that God will come again
and fill our lives with what we know
and hardly know is all we need.
The fire burns low, the night is long,
and yet we feel in some way held
within the circle of this flame
that still we tend with anxious care
in some place hidden from the eyes
that mock and laugh and turn away
with restless ease towards their end.
The world too turns, and we await
the power that fills our life with light
and let our alleluias ring
within the darkness of the earth.

C.M.M. 12/17

Waiting for the dawn⤴

from @ blethers

The longest night is very close now. The dark comes before we know it, and lasts so long. On these western fringes our fires burn small – pinpricks of light in the wide darkness. The warmth of summer, the plenty of autumn – these are memories. Food is hoarded against the midwinter feasting, and after that we will hunger a little.
If we look to the north, we see only the night. Further west there is the wide restless sea – and nothing. In the southern sky, there is a bright star with a lesser in attendance. But it is to the east that we look, the eastern sky where the rim of light will grow, the distant lands where, long ago already, something wonderful happened. More wonderful still: it happens again and again, coming to assuage our darkness at the year’s turning, bringing light to the hidden places of our hearts, promising us that we have not been forgotten.
It is dark now, but it will be light. The child will bring it. Come, Lord Jesus.

Taking Advent seriously⤴

from @ blethers


Rend the heavens, come quickly down –
Can we mean it? In the dark
to ask the God to come like this
would have us tremble at the presence
sought that Sunday as we sang.
Behold, thou wast angry and we sinned – 
dear God, we try, we know our sin, 
we see too clearly where we are.
The veiled women weep, the bomb
explodes on distant soil:
we worry lest our own are there,
care less about the ruined lives
among the debris of our wars.
All our deeds are like a polluted garment -
hung about us in the cold
as if we fear our nakedness,
would do anything to hide.
The child dies at the hands of those
whose task is care and love
while we, appalled, avert our eyes
from innocence betrayed.
We all fade like a leaf
and our iniquities, like the wind, take us away –
light little things in the face of creation
and yet, and yet …
Lord, we continue. You have never
swept us from the face of earth.
We love and beget and children
lovely children, innocent and clean
come naked into the world
in your eternal promise of what can be.
Your Son will come, again, again
and we have hope, another chance
to use your world in precious ways
to hold your people to your face.
As tiny fingers clasp round ours
we reach into the dark and feel
the strength of love enfolding us.
The heavens are rent as if a cloud
were parted at the end of rain
and light will come too bright to tell – 
we sing again. Come, Lord, and soon.


I wrote this some time ago at this point in the year. Sadly, the world that I linked to the words of the Advent Prose has, if anything, become a sadder place - and one very much in need of the promises of hope.

Almost There⤴


Candelight by Gordon McKinlay
Candelight, a photo by Gordon McKinlay on Flickr.

The waiting is almost over. Christmas is nearly here. The presents have all been bought, wrapped and labelled.  The fridge and freezer are full of food.   Although working right up to Christmas eve the preparations are all pretty much done.  The last few weeks have been busy and I have been feeling a bit under the weather for some of that time.  Despite all that it is good to spend some time thinking about the meaning of Christmas.  Reading, listening and watching glimpses of the true meaning of this time of year help me to get my focus right.

Advent is a timing of expectation. A time when we look forward. A chance to reflect on the story.  Christians believe that light cam in to our darkness through the life of a tiny baby in a dirty smelly cattle shed in a land far away and long ago.  Wordlive have been doing a series of simple animations every day throughout advent.

You can watch the whole video here.

They have also made the whole thing available to download and use off-line. It is a very simple telling of the ancient story but one I have found very refreshing this advent.

I hope you have a very happy and blessed Christmas. I also hope you find the videos of interest this Christmas time.

Fun On Friday #159: Christmas Game⤴

from @ EdCompBlog

Thanks to one of my fifth year pupils for introducing me to this game: Snowline

Though, it has to be said, the fifth years were powned by a second year pupil who managed to complete the game in a 40 minute period. (The fifth years only got as far as the second last puzzle!)

And if you finish Snowline, try Snowline 2.