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5 #GrimReaper facts about #Ofsted for the teacher by @TeacherToolkit⤴


Following on from my #GrimReaper article on Ofsted Reworks for September 2013, I have published this simple video for schools to share with their colleagues. Here are five (5) key Ofsted (September 2013) updates relevant to teaching and learning in the classroom. I have provided a summary of what will change for the teacher alone; … Continue reading »

#FieryTeaching in schools and classrooms by @TeacherToolkit⤴


I returned to work on Friday 30th August for our annual senior leadership meeting. This is traditionally before the start of each academic year. As you would expect, this gathering is strategic, but full of holiday gossip and banter; as well as headline stories regarding summer examinations; school news; building works and staffing and student … Continue reading »

The #5MinResultsAnalysis by @LeadingLearner and @TeacherToolkit⤴


The beginning of many school years often starts with an analysis of the previous year’s results.  This can be a complex and time-consuming business which can send a number of more “statistically challenged” teachers heading for a darkened room to lie down in.  There is a balance to strike between having enough data to analyse … Continue reading »