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Outdoor Learning⤴

from @ Reflections of a Trainee Teacher – @EarlyYearsIdeas

I am a huge fan of outdoor learning! This has mostly stemmed from my experiences working in a nature nursery, where I saw many of the benefits of the outdoor … Continue reading

A Couple of Highlights from Placement Week 2⤴

from @ Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

This week has been another brilliant whirlwind! One of the highlights was having the opportunity to watch and be a part of the Spring Concert on Wednesday evening. It was … Continue reading

What a Week!⤴

from @ Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

I can’t believe that’s my first week of placement over already! What a brilliant week it has been! Here are some of the experiences that I have been involved in: … Continue reading

Music for Learning⤴

from @ Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

As I prepare for the beginning of my Learning from Life placement (tomorrow!) I’ve been doing some reading about music education and the value and impact it can have on children. There have been many studies which have investigated the benefits of music education. Standley (2008) and Hallam (2010) report that well planned music activities […]

Quelle est le date ton anniversair⤴

from @ Thoughts and Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

This song pretty much sums up my memory of learning a modern foreign language (MFL) at primary school. We learned it until we were blue in the face, and then sang it in an assembly to the rest of the school. I’m sure we did learn a few other basics (Bonjour, ca va, au revoir) […]

Beautiful Books!⤴

from @ Thoughts and Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

I love a good story! Whether it’s in a book, a TV show, a movie or even a friend telling me about their weekend – stories are what keep me interested. How boring life would be if we just told each other the straight facts. Over the last couple of weeks, our lectures and workshops […]

To VARK or not to VARK, that is the question⤴

from @ Thoughts and Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to teaching! Throughout planning, implementation and reflection, it is essential for a primary teacher to recognize that every pupil is an individual. This means that there are numerous learning approaches and preferences throughout any class. In 1987, Niel Flemming devised categories of learning in order to encourage teachers and students […]

Craft, Design and Hot Glue Guns⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

Many people that know me would agree that me going near a hot glue gun isn’t necessarily the safest or most sensible option. BUT! On Tuesday I was given my own shot when we made these.. Mother’s Day Plant Pots. Richard (our tutor) basically gave us free rein to create whatever we wanted with the intention […]

Setting up a classroom⤴

from @ Training to Teach

This week, we were set a TDT which got me excited – designing your own classroom. As tempting as it is to get carried away, making everything pretty. The input helped me to recognise the amount of thought and preparation that goes into a classroom set up. Everything has a place, and every place is […]

Through the wardrobe and into lesson planning⤴

from @ Training to Teach

Currently, I am in two minds about lesson planning. Part of me enjoys the creativity of coming up with ideas that will (hopefully) engage and inspire the learners, while the other part finds it very challenging to figure out how these ideas will work in practice. Of course, I realise that this will become easier […]