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Pedagoo Perth⤴

from @ The Pedagogy Princess

My aim throughout my time as a student is to continue developing my professional practice so that when I graduate then I will already be in the habit. From day one, the University of Dundee have encouraged our use of twitter, twitter chats and blogs to effectively share our experience with others. I can safely […]

The Internet is my Teacher⤴

from @ Thoughts and Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

This morning my brain is buzzing with a thousand thoughts. Through a teaching connection on Twitter (did I mention that I love social media?) I was advised to listen to a wonderful show on BBC iPlayer entitled My Teacher is an App. This is a fascinating piece about the ever increasing role of technology in education. […]

To VARK or not to VARK, that is the question⤴

from @ Thoughts and Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to teaching! Throughout planning, implementation and reflection, it is essential for a primary teacher to recognize that every pupil is an individual. This means that there are numerous learning approaches and preferences throughout any class. In 1987, Niel Flemming devised categories of learning in order to encourage teachers and students […]

Setting up a classroom⤴

from @ Training to Teach

This week, we were set a TDT which got me excited – designing your own classroom. As tempting as it is to get carried away, making everything pretty. The input helped me to recognise the amount of thought and preparation that goes into a classroom set up. Everything has a place, and every place is […]

Shhh! Stop talking!⤴

from @ Training to Teach

There’s no denying that there have been many changes between the classrooms of the past, and the ones of today. One really important change is the increased recognition of the importance of TALK. The didactic methods of teacher speaking and children listening are being challenged to make room for investigation, enquiry, discussion and descovery. One of […]

Embracing technology⤴

from @ Training to Teach

Today I came across an in the Guardian entitled: “Third of teachers ban electronic devices in classroom despite positive outcomes, survey finds” This came as quite a shock! With the constant development of new technology and brilliant educational software, I had assumed that more and more teachers would be embracing devices (mobile phones, tablets and […]