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Back-catalogue: #TeacherBlogs⤴


Happy New Year! As the year 2013 comes to an end, here is a simple snapshot of the 10, most popular reads on my blog. Readership: Continually fascinated by cartography, if you are not blogging using WordPress, you are missing out! I find it compelling to explore the statistical side of blogging and discover what … Continue reading »



That was 2013 

This short video shows some of the highlights for us as a family in 2013.  It misses out a few important highlights but you get the gist.

The year included…

  • Catherine left school and started university
  • Alistair graduated from university (with a first), started work in Edinburgh, got married and moved to Dunfermline
  •  Fiona and Russell sold their house in Eaglesham and bought one in Linlithgow.  They have a new baby son, Daniel Alistair Sheilds, making us very young grandparents.
  • Work continues to be very busy along with church and SU stuff.

All in all a pretty busy year.  I don’t think 2014 is looking nearly as busy.  Happy New Year.


Andrina Inglis is new Chair of ACTS⤴

from @ Association of Chartered Teachers Scotland

A Inglis Chair of ACTS

Andrina Inglis
Chair of ACTS

The committee of the Association of Chartered Teachers Scotland is delighted to announce that Andrina Inglis has been unanimously elected as Chair of the Association. Andrina has a wide range of experience as both a teacher of Mathematics and Lecturer in Mathematics Education both here and south of the border and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education with the University of Edinburgh. She is passionate about ensuring quality in teacher education.

Desktop Wallpaper for November 2013⤴


This image was taken as our cruise ship sailed in to Ajaccio in Corsica earlier in the autumn. The wallpaper was created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

If you like it then please feel free to download and use it yourself.

There are also widescreen and iPhone versions below.

Desktop Wallpaper for October 2013⤴


It is time to go back to work tomorrow but to end the holiday theme it is time to upload the desktop wallpaper for October.

This photo of the Colosseum in Rome was taken in September 2013 and created with fd’s Flickr Toys

The widescreen version is available to download via the Flickr link and other formats are below.

Decisions, Decisions⤴


Our summer holiday is finally nearly upon us.  We are heading off on a two week cruise next weekend round the Western Mediterranean on P&O’s Ventura.  It has been a long hard year and we are really looking forward to getting away.

The challenge today is to decide what camera equipment I am going to take with me.  What will I actually use and what will just take up space?

Here is the list that I think I am going with.  What have I missed?

  • Nikon D300S body
  • Nikon 18-105mm DX lens
  • Nikon 50mm f1.8 prime lens
  • Tamron 70-300mm AF lens
  • Sigma 120-400mm DG lens
  • Lensbaby Composer with double glass and plastic optics
  • Range of Cokin filters
  • spare memory cards
  • lightweight monopod
  • Macbook Air with Photoshop Elements
  • 500G Passport hard drive

The decisions might be different if we were flying but weight restrictions are not a problem.

Desktop Wallpaper for September 2013⤴


This photo of P&Os Azura was taken in Vigo, Spain in September 2011. As we are about to head off on another cruise this September I thought it appropriate to use this as my desktop wallpaper for the month. The original was taken with a Nikon D300S and Tamron 18-200mm lens. The wallpaper image was created with fd’s Flickr Toys

If a widescreen image is not for you then here is a normal format as well as one for the iphone.

Desktop Wallpaper for August 2013⤴


This shot of the Bass Rock was taken from the harbour at North Berwick on Friday the 2nd of August 2013. We were through in the area for the celebration of 60 years of SU holidays at Scoughall and decided to have lunch in the town first of all. I will try to write something about that separately.

This photo was taken with a Nikon D300s and a Sigma 120-300mm lens. The wallpaper was created using fd Flickr Toys.

If you like the image then please feel free to download and use it.

As the image above is formatted for a widescreen monitor (like my Mac) there are also  iphone and normal formatted versions here.

April 2013 Desktop Wallpaper⤴


This close up image of a lilly was taken a number of years ago As we don’t appear to actually have many signs of life outside yet I thought the bright colour would brighten up my desktop. The desktop image was created with fd’s Flickr Toys

If you like the image then please feel free to download and use it yourself.

There are also widescreen and iphine versions below.

Desktop wallpaper for March 2013⤴


This is an old photograph which I keep reusing for my March desktop wallpaper. At the start of this month everything still feels very dull and grey. The bright yellow flowers haven’t really burst into bloom  yet. It won’t be long until we see those beautiful splashes but in the meantime I will have to stick with brightening up the desktop.

The image was created with fd’s Flickr Toys. Feel free to download an use it if you like it.

There are also widescreen and iPhone versions below.