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Learning for Support and Support for Learning⤴

from @ The Pedagogy Princess

I want to learn about schools from all aspects from the kitchen to the classroom If you are keeping up to date with my blog and reading it daily, you will be familiar with my third goal for this placement quoted above. Today’s main learning focus for myself was Learning Support in my fantastic placement […]

Cognita De Vita⤴

from @ The Pedagogy Princess

Learning From Life… The title of this post is written in Latin as I am writing today about my first ever experience going into a Latin lesson. It was extremely interesting going into a classroom being totally unaware of what the children were learning about and saying. The teacher was extremely helpful by asking the […]

My Peer Education Story⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

As an avid Girlguider I was delighted to get a place on the Peer Education training course last weekend. Peer Education is Girlguiding UK’s innovative programme that trains members of The Senior Section (14-25 year olds) to empower themselves and others to make a difference in the lives of girls throughout the UK through different “training […]

A schools intake of children – It’s not for all!⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

I am back fresh from Florida and thought that on the train I would get familiar with the goings on in the UK since I was away. So, apparently according to the BBC education section online, the biggest thing that has happened since my departure 10 days ago is that children are missing out on […]

The Internet is my Teacher⤴

from @ Thoughts and Reflections of a Trainee Teacher

This morning my brain is buzzing with a thousand thoughts. Through a teaching connection on Twitter (did I mention that I love social media?) I was advised to listen to a wonderful show on BBC iPlayer entitled My Teacher is an App. This is a fascinating piece about the ever increasing role of technology in education. […]

Health and Wellbeing – One girl’s opinion⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

In my opinion Health and Wellbeing is one of the most important areas in the Scottish curriculum. It is where students are able to learn about and discuss relationships, physical education and wellbeing, mental wellbeing, emotional wellbeing and social wellbeing just to name a few. In the principles and practice document for the Scottish curriculum it […]

Upstart Scotland and the power of play⤴

from @ Training to Teach

Earlier this week, I attended the launch of the Upstart Scotland campaign. This is a campaign aimed at raising the starting age of children into schools to 7 years; following the example of many high achieving countries such as Poland, Estonia and Finland. Currently, children in Scotland start school at age 4-5. It is suggested […]

Shhh! Stop talking!⤴

from @ Training to Teach

There’s no denying that there have been many changes between the classrooms of the past, and the ones of today. One really important change is the increased recognition of the importance of TALK. The didactic methods of teacher speaking and children listening are being challenged to make room for investigation, enquiry, discussion and descovery. One of […]

Effectively Improving My Blog⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

In today’s ePortfolio input we were all asked to look at some of our peers work, reflect on the way in which our peers are crafting their professional thoughts and to write about what they are getting from doing this and how others may benefit from reading their work. I have also chosen to share the posts in […]