Wandering and Wondering

I noticed the little phrase used in the title of this post in the digital booklet from Matt Redman‘s album 10,000 Reasons which I downloaded last night from Amazon.  The writer describes taking his camera out following snow (we have been getting a lot of that recently) and being captivated by the different scenes around where he lives.  As he walked and noticed the tiny flakes of snow to broad vistas he became more and more aware of all that was around him.  Now I am paraphrasing but hope that I am being honest to his intention. 

I have been waking very early this week.  As I have watched the daylight appear and the birds start to sing I am so aware that there are so many things we just don’t see in our busy day to day lives.  We have deadlines to meet, tasks to prioritise, people to see and places to go.  The little things get pushed to the side or excluded all together.

Whilst I remain guilty of this I am convinced that we spend too much time running from one thing to another.  As I write this I am very aware of huge pressure pressing down on me.  I have too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all. 

We need to spend more time wandering and wondering.  I like that.