Visiting Hle Bee – like coming home!

We began the day with breakfast at the cafe by DK, where the Hindu owner had put an offering of fried egg on toast and tea out at her wee shrine. As we were eating, a mangy dog sneaked up and grabbed the fried egg. I shouted to her but she said, ‘Maybe the dog is hungry. It’s OK.’ A lesson in Hinduism for me… and a good meal for the mangy dog!

Our dear friend Bobo had taken Tuesday off to be with us so we decided to give our bikes a rest and get the tuk tuk to Hle Bee School to visit our friends there. Geoff and I first came here on our own in 2006 and Bobo has always been there helping us. In 2006 Bobo was an art teacher at Hle Bee School and so that first year we worked very closely together. It was great to be going to our first Mae Sot ‘home’ with Bobo. As soon as we walked in the students began to sing the handwashing song. They remember it after 6 years when we learnt it with Teacher Fiona Vacher from Forthview. If you want to see the children sing on You Tube, go to

And the Burmese version of the song is even better on

Going home to Hle Bee on PhotoPeach

Here is a slideshow of Hle Bee now 7 years later. Thanks to the great efforts of their patron, Dr Elizabetta, who found a kind donor to support the school, the school is in a strong position and Headteacher Thazin looked really well and strong and happy.

Amazing wee school with totally dedicated staff who serve and love these children year in and year out.