The Value in Values

Gavin and I presented today at a Seminar in Glasgow hosted by Work on values. It was a great opportunity to tell the story of how the East Lothian Way came about – a value based behavioural framework that’s already forming the basis of our recent collaboratively developed Performance Review and Development process. It also at the core of the continuing Transformational Leadership initiative and it will potentially frame the new performance management/talent enablement model that I’m working on. Interestingly Ram Charan in an article in this month’s People Management notes that there are key principles in successful talent management including the need for

explicitly defined and articulated values – values should make it clear what is expected both of leaders and employees

Its also been picked up (the east lothian way) by others in the organisation as an anchor for policy and standards in arease such as customer services, healthy working lives and equalities and diversity

The seminar was an excellent opportunity to meet up with other OD professionals from the Scottish Public Sector and share and relate knowledge. Work’s presentation presented us with some interesting and often humorous examples of value statements from a range of organisations and gave us time to reflect on do’s and don’t of value statement creation. Although there was a lot more to the content, and the East Lothian Way was internally created at East Lothian Council , Work highlighted some important elements to a good value statement and it was thought provoking to weigh these up against our own East Lothian Way.

Principles of Value Creation

  • Grounded
  • Honest
  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Liveable

Yes we hope it’s all of these but how we engage with it as individuals and teams is the key and further how we interact with all our stakeholders. Work also note that what we stand for should be;

  • expressed in words
  • experienced in actions
  • a manifesto for ourselves
  • a promise to others

Thought provoking and a pleasure to meet all who attended. Thanks to Dave and Carolyn for hosting and the invite to share practice