The Try – with poetry by Cliff Morgan

“This is great stuff”
The ball tumbles on the grass
“Phil Bennett covering”
The fragile figure pulls it to his chest
“Chased by Alastair Scown”
The dancer vanishes from the giant’s grasp
“Brilliant…………..oh that’s brilliant”
Not once but twice
“John Williams…………Bryan Williams”
Another heartbeat missed
The ball slides from hand to hand
“John Dawes”
There’s no way through
“Great dummy”
Hairs bristle on the neck
“David……………Tom David”
His headlong rush defies all laws of nature
“The half-way line”
An arm extends around a black back
“Brilliant by Quinnell”
Who lifts it from his toes and stumbles
“This is Gareth Edwards!”
He steals it from the air
“A dramatic start!”
Head thrown back in godlike flight
“What a score!”
A dive forever in slow motion
“Oh that fellow Edwards”
Mortality held at arms length
“If the greatest writer of the written word
had written that then no-one would have believed him.”



with acknowledgements to Cliff Morgan
(Excerpts from Cliff Morgan’s commentary of the 1973 Barbarians versus The All Blacks by kind permission of the BBC.)