The Ormiston Project Begins

The challenge is to continue on from the Cockenzie project and now work in our own schools. The mission remains the same; how can we offer more personalisation and choice, challenge and enjoyment and meaningful cross curricular opportunities to our pupils?
Emma Grierson and her P5/6 class are my willing volunteers this time around. Their topic is Space and we are all ready for our mission! Initially we asked the children to create Mind Maps based around the theme of Space, asking them how we could learn in all areas of the curriculum through this topic. The results were interesting, very similar to what we would probably have produced ourselves but by getting them to do this they were taking ownership of their learning and having a choice in what they could learn. The idea of creating a game in Maths, using the theme of Space to help them to learn their times tables arose in a few of their mind maps. This idea along with many others has been taken forward with the children.
The class have a vast range of abilities and needs and we decided that we were better at times splitting the class in two. I am planning to teach the children working towards levels A and B and Emma the children working towards levels C and D. On Monday afternoons we are working on a “Planet Seekers Mission” as a whole class (more later), Tuesday mornings we are teaching poetry in groups and Tuesday afternoons we are teaching aspects of Maths through their topic, again in groups. Hopefully this will allow me to fulfil both my role as secondee promoting A Curriculum for Excellence and my role as Principal Teacher in the school promoting attainment! Heres hoping……..