SELMAS – The Scary World of Student Leadership

This week I was invited to lead a session at the SELMAS student conference – The Scary World of Student Leadership #swsl. It was a great day, with young leaders (P6-S3)  from across Scotland contributing some fantastic ideas. The main theme of the conference revolved around the question of how schools and education would look in 2023.



My session was split into two sections, with student tasks carried out in cooperative groups:

1. How will technology impact on learning in 2023?

In order to answer this, I wanted first to look at how technology has impacted on learning in the past 10 years (actually, I cheated a bit to include the birth of the Internet and the launch of Google).
(Slides 3-12)

Student task
What will technology in schools look like in 2023
(Slide 13)

2. Sugata Mitra – Hole in the Wall

If the premise of Sugata Mitra’s Hole in the Wall project is valid, then will we really need teachers in 2023, or will technology replace the teacher?
(Slides 14-15)

Click here to view the embedded video.


Student task
Using available technology, try to answer one of the following questions and then share with your home group:

  • How does a mobile phone work?
  • How does the human body work?
  • Why is the grass green, the clouds white and the sky blue?
  • How would I paint like Leonardo da Vinci?
  • How would I conduct a heart bypass?
  • Categorise the animal world.
  • Why do we dream?
  • Why was Nelson Mandela a successful and influential leader?

The plenary focused on a review of how technology could be used to answer the above by considering these questions:

  1. How did you use the technology to learn?
  2. How will you use the technology to share your learning?
  3. How do you see the role of your teacher in this process?