Saved for a rainy day

As the rain pours down here in Inverness I am sitting flicking through old holiday snaps feeling helplessly nostalgic… so once again I find myself blogging not about education but about my life in general. I wrote this after an amazing day in Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria, earlier this summer… it’s well worth a visit.  

As the boat swayed on the ocean waves I caught my first glimpse of our destination just beyond the staggering cliffs. With speed not matched to the elegance of movement, the Salmon IV rounded the bend to expose the beautifully quaint Puerto de Mogán harbour. Stepping cautiously back onto solid ground my gracias was nearly forgotten as I took in my surroundings; the whitewashed village beyond the tourist-trapped harbour and the backdrop of vast mountainous terrain made my jaw drop in wonder.

Stopping only momentarily to refuel in a small, ivy clad cafe we were soon eagerly taking in all this strange little town had to offer. It was like walking through a Venetian-Greece; narrow winding streets lined by startling white buildings, rimmed with blues, reds and yellows, protected by ornate iron gates and decorated with elaborate flowing plants of the vividest greens and pinks, while the sea ebbed and flowed through tunnelled routes made passable by stone arched bridges. 

The sun beat down and burned our necks as we watched the multi-coloured fish swim amongst the millionaire yachts. I could not help but be amazed by the stark diversity this corner of paradise held; the Greek style homes to the Venetian canals, the yachts of Monaco to the Arizona Mountains, the Spanish tapas restaurant to the Irish bar. I never wanted to be separated from the gem we had found hidden in the rocks.

Arriving back in Puerto Rico, in its finest Times-Square-wannabe-but-more-like-Blackpool fashion, was as great a contrast as there could have been. We alighted the air-conditioned bus to be hit by the stifling, dry heat that comes from a lack of fresh, sea air and, in keeping with the culture of our surroundings, headed for a Happy Meal.