Rocky and Lisa our friends

Lisa Houston and Rocky Bittakah have been dear friends to us since we first started coming to Mae Sot 7 years ago. They have always helped us out with anything we need, be it translation or Geoff needing tobacco for his pipe which Rocky sourced in the jungle somewhere! They really looked after Louise when she was here for her 2 long stays, particularly when she got dengue fever. Our trip this year was a surprise to all, even ourselves, and the decision to come was really last minute but Lisa changed her entire work schedule to be in Mae Sot at the same time as us. We have enjoyed many meals at Casa Mia together thsi time with Lisa and their kids, Jack and Ailsa. On Sunday Niamh and Jack, an Irish-Karen couple, invited us all over to their house for some Casa Mia brownie cake to celebrate their daughter Aine’s 4th birthday. We had a lovely day together.

A huge thank you to Lisa and Rocky for their friendship. We said goodbye to Lisa tonight and I felt really sad. The good news is that her brother Gareth is getting married in April so they are coming to Scotland for a long visit.

Lisa is also set to take on hte UK government over their new proposed immigration laws that would prohibit Rocky from coming back to the UK with her if she chose to return UNLESS Lisa is earning £25000. Lisa has given all her adult years working for a very basic wage to support the Burmese / Karen migrant community around Mae Tao Clinic and in CDC. Sometimes I am so ashamed to be British. If you can find Lisa on Facebook, you will see her rants there!