‘We were EFFECTIVE CONTRIBUTORS because we thought of our own ideas to create our display’ Chloe,Amelia,Brooke
‘I was a CONFIDENT INDIVIDUAL because I listened and tried to understand myself.’Jessica
I was an EFFECTIVE CONTRIBUTOR because I thought of questions for our topic@ Billy
Just some of the comments from 5G
Looking back on this project has given us lots to think about. Finding the ‘best’ planning format for the children is important.This is evolving all the time. The children told us it was a thinking topic rather than a doing topic.Some children found it difficult to discuss thoughts and feelings on such a personal issue .It wasn’t always easy to share with others. Having said that drama was one way of proving learning and we saw how children deal with bullying issues through some excellent role play.The other method that came to the fore was poetry.Mrs Goodman had been teaching haiku and emotion poems so the children used these skills and produced some quite emotive poetry.Another highlight was Hotseating as mentioned in a previous post.In evaluating the project with the children although they felt it was ‘quite hard’ to work in this way they did enjoy making their own decisions, having more choice in what they were learning and how they proved it.Hopefully they will learn from the difficulties they encountered and use past experiences to inform future planning and learning.