Radio Ramadan Edinburgh

Don’t worry, the photo is fuzzy, not your eyes! I really enjoyed chatting on Radio Ramadan with Iain of Edinburgh Interfaith Group and a teacher from an Edinburgh secondary school. Nasim and Rubeela, our hosts for the day, led us in a good debate about the importance of involving people of the Muslim Faith in RME/RMPS to make it real for the children as it was when Beyond the Veil came to Prestonpans Infants.

When Beyond the Veil came, Nicola Bruce who works for local Church of Scotland churches videoed the ladies talking and then showed the video at Preston Lodge, our High School. It’s good to learn together.

You can hear the broadcast if you missed it if you search for Radio Ramadan Edinburgh on the internet and go to the 2.30 Beyond the Veil programme on Tuesday 30 July 2013.