PSHE Educational Games To Help Diffuse Riots

Assiduous changes have affected our society immeasurably. Our children can often feel overlooked and ignored at home and at school. Yet their freedom of speech through social networks and the ability to communicate worldwide at the touch of a button has left some teenagers bewildered. They have significant power to talk yet can be discounted by a society where parents and perhaps teachers fail to keep up with their educational needs in a rapidly changing social environment. Feeling disenfranchised they result to anti social antics which we may abhor yet have been responsible in part for their onset.

Educational initiatives introduced as part of the national curriculum  have predominately failed. The cost of failure has been phenomenal  both financially  and the social impact in school and society. The recent riots have rung the Lutine bell now the aftermath of action and reaction  needs to dealt with effectively. The combination of renewed parental support and educational initiatives must be jointly harnessed. It all cannot be left to Teachers. But there is some help. A fantastic series of discussion cards is available to get that essential conversation going with our youth. Developed by Sue Scott- Horne after a lifetime of experience in dealing with children and young adults they break down barriers and reluctance to talk by introducing the subject in the form of  educational games.

Gang Culture Discussion Cards

Stealing Discussion Cards

Vandalism Discussion Cards