Peace and Quiet

It is Monday morning. I am not at work today having been able to take a long weekend off and head to Center Parcs near Penrith for a few days. We have walked, swum, eaten lovely food and spotted some beautiful wildlife. I love the peace and quiet of this place. As I sit here this morning looking out at the trees all I can hear is bird song. We are so used to the constant rumble of the city it is strange not to have it as a back drop.

We all need time away. We need time to be still, to reflect and just to be. There have been no expectations on me this weekend. I have no doubt that I will return to a long list of emails, gripes, groans and issues, but for now I can remain quiet. When you are in the midst of battle it can be hard to see what is important. It is very easy to lose focus and become distracted by the constant demands on time and energy.

I haven’t managed to sort everything out this weekend. I am not a huge amount clearer about what needs to be taken forward and what needs to be discarded but at least I have taken some time. Thank God for time off as well as time for work.