New Maths Educational Board Game Added To Keen2learn Range

Keen2learn has just added some great new Numenko educational games for maths to their range. Coinciding with the news that children are still reluctant to learn maths these fun games can be played in school and at home by two – six players. A sound foundation in numeracy is essential to allow children to progress in maths and if this learning can be made to be fun the desire to learn can be accelerated through practice.

The UK is still failing in maths. Although the recent round of improved GCSE results were an improvement on last year there is a hidden concern. Maths, science and engineering are in decline replaced by a trend for children to take easier subjects in order to gain a better score and exam points. Our heritage is at stake, as our inventiveness will decline without a sound grounding in maths and more children than ever are dropping maths after they are 16 years old.

Many children find maths difficult because they can’t see the fun that can be had by playing maths games. Numenko is a board game using wooden tile to form maths answers in a crossword fashion similar to Scrabble. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication form the answers on the board with the score being the answer to the statement. 6 x 2 =12 gives the player a score of twelve. The simplicity of the game makes it possible to for children of different ages to play. A second version of the game –Numenko in a Bag does away with the board to let children play anywhere – the winner is the first to use all their tiles.

Seeing how easy maths can become through playing Numenko will help children to break down any fear about maths which helps to build their confidence and develop a deep seated interest in numeracy.