Monte Carlo or Bust

I guess everyone uses that title.  I wasn’t sure what to expect on our visit to this tiny principality.  It is described as the p,aground for the rich and famous.  I suppose we expected it to be brash and “in your face”.  It wasn’t.  There were plenty of fancy cars and very expensive yachts.  The place itself was very pretty, incredibly well cared for, calm and quite tranquil.  If you have a spare couple of million euro you could be an apartment and knot €250,000 will be. Bentley convertible.  If we are going to retire here the. I think we will need to start saving very soon. 

Everything is built into the side of the hill so if you are not keen on climbing lots of hills you will need one of those fancy cars or at least a moped.  There were more mopeds than fancy cars which may say something.   As it is only 45 minutes along the road to Nice then it may also be the case that lots of people come to visit for the day. I think we increased the population by a fair amount when we were in town.  You tend to notice an additional 3000 people in a small town like this.
We had a lovely day and particularly loved the tranquility of the Japanese gardens just beside the tunnel we know from the F1 racing circuit and only about half a mile from the port.  Back on board having walked for miles, our next stop is Civitavecchia for a day in Rome.