Last day in Mae Sot 2013

So finally our last day and we are invited to CDC School so they can say Farewell to us. Mahn Shwe Hni, the Headteacher, gave a heartwarming and kind speech celebrating the partnership between Campie and CDC. They were particularly grateful to the Campie students who wrote to Child’s Dream, asking them to rebuild the primary school. Once Mae Tao Clinic have written a 5 years plan, the hope is that the prinary school can be rebuilt. At the moment, all classes are squashed into 2/3 of the original buildings. Do they make a fuss? No, they just adapt and make the best of every situation. These resilient and gentle people have so much to teach us.

Some quite young students performed a Karen Traditional Dance for us with great joy and enthusiasm. You can see this via this link to You Tube.

CDC gave Campie this beautiful wallhanging embroidered by Say Hai’s boarding house girls. It’s a very precious gift for Campie. Kindly, CDC also gave Prestonpans Infants a lovely gift for the school too. Each child in Grades 1-6 received a letter from Campie this year and Grade 1 – 6 wrote cards for Campie children, which I am bringing back with me. Each teacher has written a letter to a Campie Teacher and they have also given a class photograph of each class to you.

Thank you CDC for your generosity in your difficult situation. We are honoured to be your friends.

There has been so much laughter this year so it’s fitting that our trip ended with a wee laugh as photos were still being taken but some of the line up thought it was all over and had begun to leave.

CDC – a school full of smiles. :)