I Lost My Web-logging Voice…

It has been a while and the last year has been a very busy one for me personally.

For the last six months I have been studying a part-time MSc in eLearning with the University of Edinburgh. As part of the course students are required to write a private web-log. Following a recent conversation with my tutor, I thought it worthwhile to note a few thoughts on my own personal history of weblogging and share them openly here too.

I started my professional weblog in October 2006. At that point in time I was piloting the Scottish Schools Digital Network, Glow. I was doing this with my Intermediate 1 biology class. Throughout the nine-month pilot I used my weblog to share my thoughts and experiences with fellow educators globally. My posts offered a window on to what this revolutionary new learning environment could offer teachers and learners. My posts would often include screen shots and hyperlinks that would allow my readers to gain an excellent insight. During this period of time my weblog became a source  of feedback to educators and Learning and Teaching Scotland. It had an important purpose. Following the pilot of Glow I continued to share relevant information via my weblog. In October 2008 I was appointed as an Education Support Officer for ICT in east Lothian. During my time in this role I would share my thoughts on my daily work with colleagues, pupils and establishments. In the context of teaching and learning I would regularly discuss topics such as current projects in East Lothian, hardware, software and web 2.0 media.

Along side my weblog I also held a Flickr Pro account. Flickr allowed me to catalogue educational images under Creative Commons (i.e. images that could be used by fellow educators that were free of copy right or Intellectual Property Rights IPR).

During the last year my professional weblog has somewhat ‘dried up’. Though this saddens me slightly, I feel that it has somewhat lost its purpose. When I was actively blogging I was reporting and sharing information on groundbreaking movements in education. People wanted to read what I had to write. With the explosion of professional teacher blogs and the growth of Twitter I feel that I have lost my blogging voice. I feel that there are now others out there who are in a better position to broadcast. I have become a reader of blogs rather than a contributor. I could share thoughts on Twitter and other web 2.0 technologies but I feel it has already been done (more than once). Colleagues who were once blogger associates have largely become friends over the last three years and I feel I would probably be somewhat ridiculed if I started to ‘knatter’. In addition, at present, I am not teaching. I am project managing. I am thoroughly enjoying my new job and the challenges it brings however I choose not to share my thoughts and reflections here. I am also (as you may have guessed) very pushed for time in my new role. I find my spare time is better spent reading relevant blogs rather than writing.

For me a weblog has to have purpose. I am in no doubt that one day my professional weblog will gain its purpose again and I will start singing with my blogging voice  soon.

I might share some of my MSc private blog posts once they have been marked :-)

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