Gove Adopts New Tactic To Educational Opposition

The tactical manoeuvrings of divide and conquer appears  to be at play in educational circles. Michael Gove, the Minister for Education is on a roll to outflank opposition. Having had his fortune read by successive teaching union conferences, all voicing concerns over his policies, he has developed plans to circumvent the opposition.

In addition to fragmenting the state school system; offering academy and free school status as a means of opting out of the strict controls of the curriculum, Micheal Gove plans to break up the UK examination structure. Already criticised for introducing harder exams at GCSE and “A ” level he now plans to let England, Northern Ireland and Wales instigate their own interpretations of his examination policy. (Scotland already operates independently). This will alleviate some of the critical mass that is reluctant to move to the new curriculum and exam standards. It also introduces confusion as universities and employers will have to differentiate between the educational pass standards of candidates depending on where they were schooled.