Funky chickens

Sorry this photo is so tiny.

At Mae Sot Saturday evening market, these chickens were for sale. I thought of bringing one home for Iain Scott, our Parent Council Chair who has just started keeping chickens/hens in Prestonpans! Had a lazy, hot Saturday, pondering what to teach on Monday at CDC for Emotional Literacy Teacher Training. I am to deliver a day’s Teacher Training to CDC teachers. CDC have asked the Thai teachers to teach the classes that day. I feel a wee bit bad about that as I think some students will have no teacher for most of the day. I did offer to do the dreaded after school ‘twilight’ training sessions but teachers here hate those as much as Scottish teachers and most have after school respsonibilities in school or the boarding houses anyway.

Mind you, before our lazy, hot Saturday, Thein Naing and I had spent a few hours catching up on his first trip home to Burma after 24 years and considering our Emotional Literacy Curriculum Project.

Tomorrow, more preparation and a visit to Niamh and Jack’s house. We are planning to cycle there. Let’s hope we don’t get lost again. Need to buy a hat. This rainy season is proving pretty hot and sunny! 35 degrees Sunday.