Food for thought?

I have had an interesting day today! Fran Goodman and I were discussing the project and we both felt that the children were struggling slightly with this topic. After the initial excitement of being able to plan their own work we felt the children were less enthusiastic about following their plans. A lot of posters and graphs have been produced but not much else. So we talked to the children about it this afternoon. At first they said they were still keen .I pointed out that that they could be honest ! ‘Too much reading from books’ Nothing to make’ ‘Not enough to choose from’ We compared it to the topic last year ,The Romans, when they put on a display of knowledge.’That was miles better,we had lots to make and do,lots of areas to study.’ ‘More topic books and pictures to look at’ ‘Easier to think of things to do’ A clear message coming through about active learning?
WHAT NOW? The children felt this was a difficult topic to study in this way so we decided to finish what was already started and move on. There would be time to present work on Thursday. This is a learning curve and doesn’t always work out how you think! I know I thought it would work well,knowing the class from last year but they were not ‘ready’ to tackle the topic of bullying in this way. SO we are moving on to a science topic next week.(The children think this will be better!)Hoping this will be more suited to their needs at this time.