First East Lothian students set to get Glow logins

This is just a quick update to let you know where we’ve got to, and current plans.

We’re ready to start issuing Glow logins to secondary staff and students. The machinery which enables the export of data from Phoenix to create new users in Glow has been tested and is working. It has been used to create accounts for staff and students at all the secondary schools. These are now all sitting waiting for us to pull the lever which generates passwords for the accounts. Once we do that, we’ll be able to print out spreadsheets of passwords, get the scissors out, and issue them. The process is currently continuing with primaries.

Some Glow Groups are starting to appear. An East Lothian level Group has been created, for example, for Phoenix users and another for Probationers.

We need some manageable groups to get started with. I’d like to issue login info to some smallish groups so that I can come and see what happens first hand when the account owners first try logging in and using Glow. Some likely gotchas we know about. For example, new passwords will probably be pre-expired, insist on being changed immediately, but not provide any clues as to what is an acceptable password! The aim is to identify all the issues that arise and learn from them so that we don’t waste time elsewhere.

Can you suggest any groups we should start with? Ideally we want people who are comfortable enough with ICT that they won’t be too fazed if there are teething troubles. We’d like to keep the focus on educational benefits, so it would be great if the groups could be people with particular projects in mind that they think Glow might enable, or help support. An examples might be using a Glow Group as a shared communication space to support a school, inter-school or EL-wide project.

A number of East Lothian staff and schools have been expressing an interest in Glow. There are some with Glow in their development plans, for example.

There’s a “Glow Lounge” at the Scottish Learning Festival. If you’re at the SLF, this offers a “Teachmeet-style” opportunity to drop in and see what people have been up to with Glow elsewhere. For some reason it’s not mentioned on the SLF site, as far as I can see. Google found me another Glow Lounge, though: “an exceptionally funky venue in Clapham”