Feeling Guilty

I have now been the proud owner of a brand new Kindle for a week now.  I bought it for travelling.  One of the few times I get the chance to read is when I am away on holiday.  I am not a fast reader but carrying even a small pile of books is a bit of a pain when I am away from home.  Later this year we are going on a two week cruise (more of that nearer the time!) so thought that now would be a good time to make this purchase.

I am far more impressed with this little package than I thought I was going to be.  For £59 I can now read a very wide selection of books even in bright daylight (again, another reason for its purchase).  One of the advantages of being a fan of P. G. Wodehouse is that most of his books are available as free downloads!

Reading books when I am away on holiday is one thing.  Even reading late at night as I drop off to sleep is fine.  Why is it, then, that I feel guilty when I lift a book on a Saturday afternoon?  What sort of twisted work ethic means that I feel that I should be doing something far more productive on a day off work?  There is a long “to do” list needing done.  I could be outside tidying the garden.  The cars need washed.  All these are things that make me feel that I should not be sitting down doing nothing.  Why does reading a book feel like “doing nothing”?  Is physical activity more important or more valuable than intellectual activity? 

For now, the tasks can wait for a wee while.  We are going out this evening and I have been busy since early morning.  I am going to read for an hour.  Perhaps I might not feel too guilty for too long.  I have to try out my new toy after all. 

Happy reading.