East Lothian Glow update: FRiday 26th Sep 08

  • Around 50% of the mentors have come forward with potential projects, and names of other interested staff.
  • Secondary staff accounts have been checked for potential duplicates with accounts already created elsewhere, and these staff contacted by email to confirm.
  • The remaining secondary staff accounts have been finally approved, so we can now start issuing their passwords.
  • A knowledgeable secondary pupil (Euan Doidge at Preston Lodge) has also been engaged to test out his student account, and identify any snags.
  • Primary school staff and pupils account data is being sent from Phoenix to Glow to get ready to create all these accounts.
  • We’ll be starting to issue passwords today, FRiday 26th Sep 2008, to interested secondary staff.
  • Meetings are now being arranged with Secondary HTs to find out their preferences for Glow deployment in their schools.
  • We have provided a talk to Scottish Learning Festival on lessons learned from edubuzz, to help inform Glow deployment elsewhere.