e-Assessment Scotland 2012: PM Parallel Session

Seminar 2
a. Assessment Reform, Innovative Technology, Improving Formative Assessment and Feedback: Are They at Odds with Each Other?
Dr. Sue Timmis, University of Bristol & Dr Steve Draper, University of Glasgow

Sue began by referring to Rowntree’s 17 principles of good assessment (1977) highlighting the lack of progress in this field. She outlined the myriad of roles involved in the reform of assessment and their contrasting goals. As an ‘e-learning optimist’ myself I was quite fired up over the ‘passing parade of technologies’ reference. Whilst that may be how it appears to mainstream practitioners if we don’t have those early adopters experimenting and researching then effective and appropriate change is not possible (IMO).

The ‘elephant in the room’ is the true purpose of assessment…certificates required for career progression.

b. Socialising Assessment
Cherry Hopton & Students, Angus College

This was the highlight of the day for me. Cherry enthusiastically shared her classroom experiences but it was when her two students began to talk that I was really blown away. So many of us are disconnected from classroom practice and was fantastic to hear the impact education (and Cherry?) had on their lives.

Getting back to the content: they talked about their use of facebook and how that fostered community in a wider context involving staff and previous students. Both were so positive and enthusiastic it really rubbed off!

From the back channel:

#eas12 students talking about Facebook for teaching and support – they understand boundaries and don’t expect answers at 4am :-)

#eas12 enjoying talk by Cherry Hopton and students. Also, fantastic shoes !