e-Assessment Scotland 2012: AM Parallel Session

Seminar 1

a. What If Feedback Only Counted When it Changed the Learner?
Dr. Steve Draper, University of Glasgow

Dr. Draper challenges us to examine the impact of feedback and specifically “what is wrong with students relationship with feedback?”. He says  “there is no point in giving feedback to a learner unless the learner acts on it: does something concrete and differently because of it”. He tried a variety of tactics and it was really encouraging to see this learning process being shared openly. He had measurable success using a prompt sheet to encourage students to think about what they might do with the feedback and to facilitate an extended discussion.

b. Feedback in eAssessment – What Can We Learn from Psychology Research?
John Kleeman, Questionmark

John Kleeman looked at some interesting research from the field of Psychology  (e.g. Karpicke, J. D., & Blunt, J. R. (2011). Retrieval practice produces more learning than elaborative studying with concept mapping); specifically the findings that retrieval practice helps retention of learning (facts and concepts). The strongest effect is when retrieval is difficult and 5-7 repetitions show optimum results. He suggested mobile devices offer a real opportunity in this area, as do observational assessments for work based learning.

He also referred to Valerie Shute and Will Thalheimer but I didn’t catch the exact references.