Does this way of learning suit all ?

I had a very interesting morning with 5G .This was the first REAL attempt at working on their own,following their plans and ideas. I thought (how presumtious of me !) they would be full of enthusiasm and raring to go.Don’t get me wrong,many of the children were but 2 or 3 struggled to get started.
* What do I have to do ?
* I don’t know what to do ?
were a few of the comments I got. I encouraged them to go back to their key questions and look at what they had decided to do . These children still wanted support to ensure they were doing the right thing. So, this was an example of direct teacher input to move their learning on. One or two others needed ‘encouragement’ to stay on task and to take responsibility for their own learning.After this discussion they seemed more confident to work more independently.
A lot of children carried out surveys asking questions about bullying and constructing bar graphs to show results.The main question being asked was ‘Do you think Bullying is fun?’ Lee asked this question to P6 and no one said they thought it was fun! Once he had drawn his graph he added a speech bubble with the question ‘ Were they all telling the truth?’ Other children were working on posters to present their work. We had a class discussion about standards of presentation and drew up a list of requirements that would present their work in the best light.They compiled a list of success criteria and stuck by it .They took a pride in their work and wanted it to look good.By the end of the morning progress had been made ! The work this morning made me think about the individual needs of children and how they can be met.Certainly one or two children still required a lot of teacher input to get started and stay on task but with this support and encouragement they too can become successful learners and confident individuals.It is all about finding the balance.