Day 48 of 365

Day 48 of 365 by Gordon McKinlay
Day 48 of 365, a photo by Gordon McKinlay on Flickr.

How often do you get told how hard someone is working? Is it a macho thing or a lack of confidence? Why do we feel the need to make it appear that we are working at least as hard as everyone else? Is it just me that feels guilty when one of my team tells me how much work they have to do? Why send me an email at 11pm to let me know that they are still working? I guess we all feel the peer pressure that makes us have to demonstrate our value by the number of hours we are putting in. We need to find a way of getting beyond this.

Isn’t it a shame that we only feel valued by what we do rather than by who we are. Let’s work hard at finding a better way.

A photo a day for 2014.