Curriculum for Excellence????

Was up in Aberdeen on the 13th of March for a tutorial meeting with some of the participants of my current MSc module Leading Learning and Teaching.

There was some topical debate and discussion on CfE and on how and what we should be teaching. This was referring back to Ferudi talking about the responsibility of the older generation to educate and pass on knowledge to the younger generation.

We got a good overview of the module ahead and some of the questions and issues we need to explore.

We got more clarification on the recent accreditation by the GTCS of this course as a Flexible Route to the Scottish Qualification for Headship (SQH). In year 3 of the course those wishing to attain SQH will require to undertake a work based project equating to 60 credits. Successful completion will lead to the award of MSc and SQH.

Off to carry on with my reading and add my thoughts to the web based discussion forums.